8 Years Old boy killed by an automatic trash bin in a Shopping Mall in KSA– Be Careful!

An 8-year-old boy died because of an automatic trash bin: In today’s modern world we prefer to have automatic appliances and everyday household stuff to be time efficient. You can never imagine how and when these automatic things can take your life as every good thing comes with certain drawbacks.

There was a very serious case a few days ago in which an 8-year-old boy died because of an automatic trash bin.  As reported by the daily newspapers, the young boy just went to dispose of the garbage into the trash bin.

How did it happen? There was no warning sign indicating that the trash bin was automatic or there are hazards related to it or that children should stay away from it.  As soon as the child came near to it and disposed of his trash, he kind of got stuck in the automatic machine.

He was the only son of his mother and his father had passed away just 5 months ago. His head was trapped inside the automatic trash bin due to which there was a head injury through which the blood was oozing out like a fountain.

3177 8 Years Old boy killed by an automatic trash bin in a Shopping Mall in KSA– Be Careful!

The mother of the poor boy got hysteric and shocked to this sudden sight and started screaming and crying for help. She was very near to lose her consciousness after seeing her son in this brutal condition. As reported by the witnesses the mother was crying and trying to help his stuck son to get out.

Her abaya was full of blood: She was wrapped in a black gown (abaya) which was wet with blood. Al-Rifaie said that when this incident occurred, people came running to help her out. One of them called the emergency helpline to take this boy to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. 

Don't leave Mama: Munira Al Ibrahim revealed that the mother was helpless; she couldn’t do much other than crying and waiting for the paramedics. She was just yelling “Don’t leave mama” to her unconscious son while watching blood oozing out his open head wound. 

The other women around her tried to keep her calm with splashes of water to prevent her from fainting. They asked her to have patience and that everything will be alright. The child was carried by a family member till the exit.

The Red Crescent reached after 10 mins: The Red Crescent was alerted. They came to the scene after 10 minutes of the incident. As told by them, the child was breathing at that time. He was taken to the nearby hospital immediately but no one could help it and he died.

It was later said that the whole family came for shopping at that mall. The mall recently changed its trash bins and replaced them all with the automatic ones. The incident was witnessed at 3 pm on Saturday.

He just went to throw some garbage: Ali Al Alasi’s, Uncle Emad Al-Alasi, who with the rest of his family was having lunch at a known shopping mall said that Ali got up to throw the garbage into the dustbin where accidentally he got stuck in it and got hit by the hydraulic several times. 

The rotating camera’s footage shows that Ali went to throw something into the bin and the next scene was his mother yelling and screaming to save her child. The security guards came to help her out but by that time Ali was lying unconscious, in a pool of blood with a deep wound at the back of his head.

It was the fault of the shopping mall management: The Mother could not believe what had just happened with her. She completely blamed the shopping mall’s management for installing the new system where nothing was mentioned about the automatic technology or the potential hazards it could lead to. They received Ali’s body from King Fahad Hospital’s Morgue.

No Criminal Charges: Col. Fahd Al Ghannam, spokesman Madina Police, told that it was purely an accident and thus there were no criminal charges. The family attempted to sue the mall for its negligence to place such hazardous machines in the mall where families and children are freely roaming.

The family needs compensation in return for their huge loss. One of the mall’s officials, Al Amri, said that the bins were completely safe and never malfunctioned. The bin would only function when the trash opening is completely shut.

The mall now replaced those total 10 automatic bins with the regular ones to prevent any such incident in future.

Source: Saudi Gazette