Why there is no river in Saudi Arabia?

Do you know that there is no river in Saudi Arabia? Well, if you search it on Google, you will find only 17 Countries in the World operating without a River and Saudi Arabia is the biggest of all. Well, it is an established fact which does not need my article for any support. But have you ever thought why Allah has not kept any river in Saudi Arabia? Well, there is a deep logic behind it and I will prove it by the end of this article. Before going into details, let’s try to understand what happens around a river?[irp]

The history of human beings is almost 10,000 years old. In the ancient times, people used to live around the clean and drinkable water. It is also an established fact that there is no water cleaner than the water of rivers. This is the reason; all the old cities of the world are on the bank of rivers. Alexandria, Amsterdam, Baghdad, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, all of them are situated on the edge of rivers. When people start living at one place near to the water, many other people from surrounding areas also migrate to those cities and hence mix together. I would not be wrong in stating that their culture, language, and lifestyle are also affected by the migrants. With the passage of time, the pure culture of primary inhabitants becomes obsolete and a new culture and language take its place which is a mixed culture.

Now coming back to the basic question raised in this article, why there is no river in Saudi Arabia? This story starts 5,500 years ago when Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. was asked to leave his wife Hazrat Hajar A.S. and his infant son Hazrat Ismail A.S. in Makkah near to the house of Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. and his wife used to speak Hebrew language. It is also important to mention here that Hazrat Ismail A.S. and Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. are among the forefathers of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and the language in which Allah wanted to reveal the Holy Quran was Arabic, so it was important that the language of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is changed to Arabic. Recommended: Shajrah Nasab (Family Tree) of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

When Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. left Hazrat Hajar A.S. and Hazrat Ismail A.S. to the place where Ka’aba is situated today, there were no inhabitants in Makkah. It was an area without water and who would like to live in the barren, black and hard mountains. Allah gave a gift of Zamzam water to Hazrat Hajar A.S. which kept the mother and infant alive. A few months later, a caravan was moving in the surrounding areas and they were in search of water. They saw some birds flying around Makkah. They knew that birds are found near the water so they continued their journey towards Makkah and finally reached to the place where Hazrat Hajar A.S. was living with his son Hazrat Ismail A.S. around the Zamzam well. Recommended: 10 Amazing Facts about ZamZam Water[irp]

They sought permission of Hazrat Hajar A.S. to live around the Zamzam well which was granted. The language this tribe used to speak was Arabic and in this way, Hazrat Ismail A.S. was brought up speaking Arabic language and this is how the language of Prophet Muhammad’s S.A.W forefathers changed to Arabic. Allah wanted to reveal the Holy Quran in pure Arabic language, had He given any river in this area, the inhabitants of surrounding areas would have migrated here which could have a negative impact upon the purity of Arabic language.