How Guantanamo Bay Officer, Terry Colin Holdbrooks embraced Islam?

Terry Colin Holdbrooks: Only the Almighty Allah has definite knowledge, however, one American brother, Terry Colin Holdbrooks Junior was one of the luckiest ones. He has been chosen by the Almighty himself, in the most unlikely and unusual of circumstances.

United States Army: Holdbrooks had a group in a non-religious environment. He had graduated from high school and begun taking classes in college.

He still had no idea what he wanted to do in life, up until he heard an advertisement on the television which was recruiting young women and men to enlist in the United States Army.

His body was full of tattoos: Pumped by a sense of patriotism Holdbrooks went immediately to the recruitment office. The first time he went there the officer sent him away. Most probably because of the fact that his body had a number of tattoos, body piercings and he also donned blue hair.

Naturally, he didn’t seem like the best candidate to be a soldier. 2 more attempts at recruitment, again ended fruitlessly. By his fourth attempt, he removed the piercings, shaved his hair and wore a full sleeve test.

He joined the Army in 2002: Subsequently, he scored an excellent score on the ASVAB or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and the recruitment officer started talking to him about career options.

He joined the army around August 2002 as a military police officer. He was immediately sent off to the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison.

Holdbrooks and his fellow soldiers were told to expect Muslims prisoners and every day during training they have force-fed the same message that they hate the very existence of America and want to kill all the Americans.

Muslims are animals, not Humans: The soldiers were told they were animals, not humans. They were told to feel no sympathy at all. Naturally, it worked and the soldiers went into Guantanamo Bay with immense hatred for all the Muslim prisoners.

After they arrived at Guantanamo, Holdbrooks was taken aback. What he saw was totally different from what they had been told. He saw two, 13 years old prisoners and one seventy years old male prisoner and they were not savage brutes.

Guantanamo Bay brought him near to Islam: Slowly, the lies that had been fed to Holdbrooks were falling apart and he came closer to the faith and the truth. After learning more about Islam and reciting the Holy Quran, Holdbrooks started making changes to his lifestyle.

He had not been ready to become a Muslim immediately, however, he took small steps such as he stopped eating pork, stopped drinking vodka and instead chose to spend his time reading and studying. It had been miraculous how a depressed and angry person was healthier and happier.

He pronounced Shahada: On the 29th of December, 2003 Holdbrooks pronounced the Shahada outside the cell of a Muslim prisoner and at last became Muslim. Only 1 year later around the end of the year 2004, Muslim brother Holdbrooks was honorably discharged from the United States Army.

What is strange is that there was no sort of accurate or precise explanation given for the honorable discharge of Mr. Holdbrooks

Source: Saudi Gazette