Payment of Fee to change profession on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

If your current profession on passport or Iqama is different from your actual profession, you need to change your profession. In Saudi Arabia, you are known to the profession you have on your visa or Iqama. Even if you are a doctor but the profession on your visa or iqama is labor, you are considered labor in the government office. In this article, we shall explain in detail the procedure to make payment of a fee to change profession on Iqama in Saudi Arabia. I have explained the Procedure to Change Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia in detail in this link. Recommended: Procedure to Change Iqama Profession in Saudi ArabiaWe are taking an example of the Al Rajhi Bank here but the procedure in other banks is also same.

First of all, login to your internet banking account. Click on the payments. In Rajhi Bank, payments tab is available on the top banner as shown in the picture below. In the drop down list of payments, select “SADAD”. Now you will be given some more options from where you need to select “MOI Payments”.[irp]

Now a new window will be opened where you need to select “Expatriate Services”[irp]

In a new window, you will have to select “Payment” as transaction type and “Change of Occupation” in Application Type. After that, you will have to enter the iqama number in the “Iqama ID” tab. It will be Iqama number of the person whose iqama profession needs to be changed. The fee to change iqama profession in Saudi Arabia is SR 1,000. After this, you will have to select the account number from which you want to make payment. This is the case when you have more than one account in one bank.[irp]

A new screen will appear where all the details of account number from which the payment is made, iqama number and other details will be mentioned. You need to make sure that all these details are correct. If any of the detail is incorrect, you should cancel the process and start from step 1. If everything is fine, just click on “Confirm” button and you are done with the payment of the fee to change iqama profession in Saudi Arabia. You will receive a message on your mobile with the details of the transaction.

You can check immediately from Ministry of Interior website if the payment has been deposited in your MOI Account. The procedure is very simple and it has been explained in this link. “Check Available Funds under Iqama through MOI”

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