Can I bring my legally adopted children to Saudi Arabia?

This question has been asked so many times by many readers of this blog and I have tried to answer them briefly on numerous occasions. Today, I am going to write about this topic in detail. Many expatriates have struggled for several months and sometimes for years to bring their legally adopted children to Saudi Arabia. I know few of them who contacted even lawyers in Saudi Arabia as well as back in their home countries to understand and fulfill the Saudi requirements to bring a legally adopted child in Saudi Arabia. Before going into details, I want to bring to your attention what Islam says about the adopted children.[irp]

Islamic views on adoption of children are different from practices and customs in many Non-Muslim and European countries. Islam encourages Muslims to take care of an orphan, poor and needy children. However, it does not allow them to adopt it as the concept of adoption prevails in the western countries. Even if a Muslim adopts a child, he or she remains Non-Mahram to him. In this way, you cannot really keep it at your home when he or she becomes an adult. According to Islam, a man can marry his adopted daughter and his wife can marry an adopted son (obviously after divorce from her husband). Recommended: Who is considered Mahram in Islam? Some Common Misconceptions

This is the reason, if you come to Saudi Arabia, you will not find many families who have adopted children. Even if they have them, they cannot legally adopt them and keep them at their house. In fact, I have been living in Saudi Arabia since a long time and I have never met any family with an adopted child. Now, this is the background of the answer I am going to give for the question raised earlier.

When you ask passport office about the procedure to bring your legally adopted child in Saudi Arabia, they become completely blind as there is no procedure to bring them here. It is not allowed on the grounds that they are not your real son or daughter. They are Non-Mahram for you so you don’t have a right to keep them at your home.[irp]

So if you ask me to conclude it, no, you cannot bring your legally adopted child in Saudi Arabia. I don’t know anyone who could succeed in bringing his adopted children to Saudi Arabia. If you know someone who can enlighten us about it, please drop a comment below.

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