Unrelated Couple dating in the Car caught by the HAIA in Riyadh

The laws, culture and the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are unlike those of the western or liberal world. The culture in this part of the world is extremely conservative and hence the laws, rules, and regulations reflect the culture of the land.

People living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are always advised to follow the rules and if they don’t the authorities are not too far behind.

The law enforcement agencies, along with the members of the HAIA or Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice force, have arrested a couple who were unrelated and had been traveling together in a car.

The spokesman for the Riyadh police, Colonel Fawaz Al Maiman explained that the couple who has been arrested initially attracted the attention as the woman had not been dressed in accordance with the local regulations.

The woman had not been wearing a proper dress and in addition, she had full makeup on her face which was attracting the attention of the people passing by. The unrelated couple had been traveling in a Toyota SUV in the Muousa bin Nasser district.

The man in question who has been in his 30s was an expatriate of Syrian origin, and upon questioning, he alleged that the girl was, in fact, his wife. Al Maiman stated that the man could not then prove that the woman was, in fact, his wife and had no documentation to prove their marriage either.

The case has now been referred on to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution in order to carry out the necessary actions in relation to the case.

In accordance with the local law, any unrelated woman, and man cannot be together. It is my humble advice to all the expatriates to respect the rule of the country you have been living in.

Such types of behavior can be prosecuted and if the guilty parties are expatriates then they will be deported.

A report which has been issued by the Ministry of Justice states that the offenses which involve mixing without any male guardian account for the largest chunk out of the 3582 cases which have been filed against the female defendants in the year 2013.

Upwards of 450 assault and battery charges have followed the 593 cases of the women being found in a secluded area with an unrelated man.

The report also highlighted the specific cultural association since several of the defendants had been reported for their bad behavior to the parents, helping any woman to escape from their houses and harboring the married women without having the consent of the husband.

The other cases of a similar nature included around 333 counts of indecent conduct 247 cases of theft and also 325 cases of prostitution. There were a similar number of cases which involved alcohol and drug possession inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There had been 42 murder cases, to cases which were about marital abuse, 27 cases of intrusion, 16 cases which involved money laundering, 25 cases which were of malicious intent, 12 cases of betrayal and 14 cases of fraud.

Source: Arab News

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