Procedure to get Visa Free Entry to Georgia for GCC and Saudi Iqama Holders

Georgia is a country full of natural beauty which shares the borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is a small country with an area of 69,700 square kilometers and a population of around 4 million.

It is 31 times smaller than Saudi Arabia in size. The capital of the country is called Tbilisi and it is the main attraction for tourists from all around the world. It is situated in the Asia continent.

Georgia is very famous for its scenic beauty and historical places. I would encourage all of you to visit this beautiful place. Being GCC and Saudi Iqama (Residence Permit) holders, you are entitled to get visa-free entry to this beautiful country Georgia.

However, it is very important to read following guidelines before making your mind.

1-In order to get visa-free entry to Georgia, make sure you have a valid passport for at least 6 months. Georgia immigration allows you to stay in the country for 90 to 180 days. If your passport is not valid for that period, you might face difficulties.

2-Make sure you are carrying your Iqama (Residence Permit) with you if you want to get visa-free entry to Georgia. The validity of the Iqama (Residence Permit) should not be less than 3 months.

Although they don’t publicize it on their website, you might face troubles if your Iqama (Residence Permit) is valid for a time more than you want to stay there.

3-Make sure you have booked a return flight from Georgia. You will not be granted a visa-free entry to Georgia based upon your GCC or Saudi Iqama (Residence Permit) if you could not produce a confirmed ticket to return from Georgia after your stay.

4-You must provide hotel booking for all the days you are going to spend there. For example, if your flight to return from Georgia is after 10 days, you need to provide them hotel booking of all 10 days. Here is a trick to save SR 55 or $15 on your next Hotel booking through

5-Make sure you are taking enough cash with you to meet your expenses in Georgia. I think $100 per day per person is enough in this regard. It is always better to carry USD there as you will get very low exchange rate for Saudi Riyals or other GCC countries’ currency.

If you don’t want to carry that much money, you can show them your credit card along with last month’s credit card statement showing your credit limit.

You can always check if you are required to get a visa to Georgia using this link.

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