Saudi killed a wedding guest on the request to slow down music in Abha

Saudi Weddings: The wedding is considered to be a day of joy, happiness, and celebrations. Every country has its own traditions and styles of wedding. Saudi weddings also have its own fascinating colors, delighting charm, and their weddings are famous for their old traditions, culture, and history.

But sometimes this memorable life event changes into a dreadful event or is associated with some bad incident or memory, which leaves a great impact on some people and over their entire life.

A Wedding in Abha: A few days ago, there was a Saudi wedding taking place at Abha, the city of Saudi Arabia. Abha is the capital of province “Asir”. It is situated around 2,200 meters above sea level. The whole sketch of the dreadful wedding was reported in Saudi daily newspaper called Okaz.

The wedding was going on as usual and in a traditional way at a place called Khamis Mushayt. Unfortunately, there was a public dispute that eventually broke out and spoiled the whole wedding joy. 

The wedding turned into Funeral: Because of this public feud in wedding, one Saudi man was dead and one was seriously injured. The whole accident was actually a question mark on the aggressive behavior of young generation, which is increasing rapidly in our society day by day.

How did it happen? The police spokesman of province Asir, Capt. Zaid Al-Qahtani reported the whole story that a group of youngsters started playing traditional folklore music in loud volume and was also performing their traditional dance called as Al-Quzoui.

One of the people from the guests invited to wedding got up and went straight to the crowd of young men and told them gently to switch off the music as it was a source of disturbance in the wedding ceremony.

As one young man from the group did not feel good with the person’s suggestion, he became annoyed and got much angry. He immediately went mad and showed his aggressive behavior by taking out a dagger from one of the guests present at the wedding.

The young guy stabbed the man multiple times with the dagger. The son, who was trying to protect his father, also became a victim and got stabbed several times as well.

The murderer was arrested: The Police officers reached the scene and arrested the murderer and the case was passed to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. Other young men from the group were under the police custody for further investigations.

One of the eyewitnesses from the wedding, Ali Mubarak told that he witnessed the entire accident at the wedding. People at the wedding were having dinner when a group of young men started playing music loudly.

The victim stood up and told them softly to turn off the music when the young man took the dagger from the other guest and stabbed him. The man was taken to the hospital but he died on the way. His son was seriously injured and taken to intensive care.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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