Drivers with blurred number plates will be arrested in Saudi Arabia

In Jeddah city of Saudi-Arabia, it is very common to observe cars with faded number plates. Sometimes cars hold empty number plates. Now it has become very common to see cars running on roads of Jeddah with blurred or messed number plates.

There are different views on this, some people think that the person possibly is trying to avoid or ignore traffic charges. Cars with empty and faded numbers plates are usually associated with committing a crime or having a desire to do crimes in future including robberies. Recommended: How to change the vehicle number plate?

In order to note down unrecognized, blurred, numberless cars to stop people from using such cars, stop from violating traffic rules and to stop crimes, robberies and traffic issues, the traffic control department of Jeddah has taken certain important steps.

Drivers with blurred number plates will be arrested

Lt. Col. Tariq Al-Rubaian stated that the police will arrest any person who smashes, violates or breaks traffic rules by using unauthorized, empty or blurred number plates.

Use of damaged plates must be punishable, by imposing fine or double charge which is actually considered partially traffic and partially criminal. Recommended: SR 2,000 Fine for Hiding Number Plate

In different police centers in the city, traffic Police need to check the car which is caught and also investigate what violations are registered against a concerned car. General Directorate of Traffic also added that the traffic control department will also seek data from the Electric monitoring system that clearly illuminates about which cars hold illegal plates, no plates or committed any violations.

Whether the car driver has to pay fine and the fine is transferred to the owner of the vehicle will also be checked.  Electronic monitoring system helps to do differentiate between legal & illegal plates.

Drifting of a car must be strictly noticed and punishment will be imposed on the driver. All these modifications are pending because of some technical issues which include re-installation of the new fine system at the national information center. Any person who committed any crime including false, blurred number plates, violate traffic rules or drifting car will get serious punishment.[irp]

Every person will be arrested for drifting and will have to face different sentence, depending on his previous records and also with the current existence of a driving license. The punishment conditions of drifting are different. The person who uses his own car for drifting will get different punishment and the person who will rent his car for the drifting purpose will have different punishment.

Source: Arab News