A Stepmother slaughters her step-daughter in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

A wife’s duty is to take care of her husband and everything associated with him, be it his family or kids from another wedding. This is regarded as among the good behaviors in society. The lady and her husband's kids from another marriage should absolutely show benevolence and admiration to each other, as she is their stepmother and they are her stepchildren.

If a lady is marrying an already married man, this should be decided initially that either she is going to accept the children or they are given to their biological mother to avoid incidents in future.  In Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Area, the police reported an incident that a little girl of about age 6 was slaughtered by her stepmother after she was picked up from school.[irp]

The six-year-old girl named Reem Al-Rashidi was with her class fellows at the school in Al Ahsa and attended the first two periods of the Institute on Monday. However, her stepmother reached to the school and requested them to take her home.

To prove her identity, she showed the family ID card. Under Saudi rules for schools, a student is given consent to take off from the school and sent back to the parents if the guardian shows a family National card to the administration, proving that the kid is theirs.

On Wednesday, a newspaper stated that the stepmother, the other wife of Reem’s father, fooled the school authorities by proving that she was her real mother and was approved the consent to take her out. The stepmother then took Reem to a barren isolated area.

She cut her neck with a sharp knife which she had hidden, slaughtering her on the mark. A witness who saw the horrible murder being attempted ran after the murderer, but she ran away from the area before he could grasp her.

However, he recognized the place she hid in and informed the police immediately. After a short siege, the police entered the house, captured the murderer and took the knife in custody. On social media, Saudis showed their contempt over the incident.

One user wrote “How was it workable for the stepmother to investigate her eyes during the unbearable sin. May Divine force give her punishment.” The police after taking the killer in custody said that they received a call at around 9 am on Monday from a Saudi resident who narrated the entire incident and gave them the location address.

They hurried to the crime scene and discovered Reem’s dead body lying on a barren land close to the family home. An agent for the police said that the killer was a Saudi lady in her 30s who was captured and referred to the general prosecution for examination.

No doubt this news gave me goosebumps as to how a lady could just kill a little girl brutally who did nothing to her. The Saudi government is looking into the case and will surely give justice to that poor soul.

Source: Gulf News

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