6 things Saudi Prince did a few hours before execution – A lesson for all

Saudi Justice: Saudi Arabia is famous for its justice all over the world. We know that Saudi courts are fair, unbiased and treat a culprit as a culprit irrespective of his/her background. Another such precedent was set by the Saudi courts on 18th of October 2016. 

A member of the Royal family was executed for killing a normal Saudi citizen. Saudi Prince Turki Bin Saud Bin Turki Bin Saud Al Kabeer was executed and he was punished for what he did in this world. Being Muslims, we should pray for his afterlife.

A Saudi Prince was executed: We hope that Allah will forgive him and place him in Jannah. Saudi Prince, just a few hours before his execution did many heart melting things which can be treated as a lesson for all of us.

It is important to mention here that the custodian of the two holy mosques, Saudi King Salman has already given a public statement that no one is above law, even the seat of King is not above law. You can read about the reasons he was sentenced to death in this link. Recommended: Saudi Prince executed for Murder of a Citizen – Justice for All

3108 6 things Saudi Prince did a few hours before execution - A lesson for all

1-A few hours before his execution, he was allowed to meet his family. He spent around 4 hours with them and you don’t need special powers to imagine what would have happened there. He was departed with heavy hearts after that.

He must have asked for forgiveness for whatever wrong he has done with each and every one of them. The Imam of Al Safa mosque said that the family and the prince were crying throughout their meeting.

“The family was called in to bid the prince goodbye and during the time spent together, you could see only tears and hear only expressions and sighs of sadness,” Mohammad Al Maslookhi posted on his account on the Twitter microblog, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported.

2-Saudi Prince then offered prayers and kept on reciting the Holy Quran until dawn. Once again, you don’t need a super imaginary mind to imagine his prayers. He must be asking for Allah’s forgiveness for what he has done. He performed Fajar prayer there.

3-At around 7 am, the warden took him to the police where his last will was written. He was not able to write himself. I don’t have any idea why he could not write himself.

4-At around 11 am, the family of the victim who was shot dead by the Saudi Prince arrived at the designated area of execution. Saudi Prince made ablution as he was getting ready for the execution.

5-Senior members of the Saudi Prince tried to intervene and talked to the family members of the victim to pardon their son/brother and accept blood money as a last attempt before execution but they denied it.

Just after Duhr prayer, a member of the royal family once again tried to convince the father of the victim to accept blood money but the attempt was failed. As you know the Islamic law treats homicide and unintentional homicide as a civil dispute between people, and not a corrective punishment by the state to maintain order.

When the victim’s family grants a pardon for blood money or unilaterally, the state is not allowed to prosecute.

3108 6 things Saudi Prince did a few hours before execution - A lesson for all 02

6-Saudi prince prayed Duhr and Asr and execution was carried on just after Duhr prayer at 4:13 pm. The father of the victim was expressionless at the time of execution and their family departed after the execution under heavy security. However, the family of the Saudi prince kept on crying heavily on the execution of their son.

Source: Gulf News