9 Travel Tips issued by Saudi Embassies to Saudi Residents

With the vacation months approaching fast, people around the world are gearing up for the much-awaited winter vacations. Keeping this in mind, the Saudi embassies located around the world have issued a set of instructions notifications for all the travelers, which will help them stay alert against any abductions and thefts.

1-The Saudi Embassies have directed all of the Saudi Residents around the world to take precautionary measures such as refraining from carrying around a lot of cash, in accordance with the laws of destinations and countries and to also ensure that their passports are kept safe and secure. Recommended: How much Cash can I take out of Saudi Arabia?[irp]

2-Another thing also being expected is that the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be launching an awareness campaign, which is set to continue all the way until the end of the summer months.

3-The Saudi Embassy located in Cairo has issued special instructions to seek the help of their officials if and when needed.

4-In Kyrgyzstan, the Saudi Embassy has asked all Saudis to register their personal information along with their address and the nearest police station to their residence. The Saudis in Kyrgyzstan must do so within the first 3 days of arriving in the country.

5-The other Saudi Embassies have instructed all Saudis to read out the traveler guide which had been issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which has been titled “the Alert Passenger”. This guide includes the travel instructions along with instructions on establishing communications with the respective embassies around the world.

6-The Saudi Embassy in Bahrain has stressed upon the fact that travelers need to arrange for a lawyer prior to signing any contract or selling any item. They must also report all transactions to the police station as well as criminal detective department.

7-Similar instructions have also been issued in Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The Saudi Passengers traveling to or from any country have been strongly urged to refrain from any electronic dealing and have been warned about staying alerted while using the ATMs or dealing with any brokers or sellers where personal data and information might become involved.

8-The Kazakhstan Embassy located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set various visa types and the different travel documents an individual would need in order to travel to the country. The consulate has specified that the various types of visas which are to be issued for traveling include the special visa, investment visa, and the diplomatic visa. These will be in addition to the general visit visa and work visa.[irp]

9-The Embassy of Turkmenistan has stated on their official website that entrance into the country will require an invitation letter from somebody in the country. This invitation has to be approved by the immigration department, be it for tourism purposes or any other.

Source: Arab News

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