Homosexuality should only be punishable in Afterlife – Saudi Scholar

The act of homosexuality is an abnormal one and all of those people who are practicing homosexuality will face punishment, not in this world, but in the Hereafter. This statement was made by Sheikh Salman Al Odah, a highly renowned Saudi Scholar. Sheikh Al Odah made these comments during an interview that he was giving to a Swedish newspaper a short time ago. In the interview, he added that the act of homosexuality is one that has been condemned by all of the major religions in the world which include Christianity as well as Judaism.[irp]

He also stated that there are some scholars from older times who believed that the act of homosexuality must be punished in accordance with the rulings of the Islamic Court. These rulings are completely based upon the teachings of Islam and the Sharia Law. The report was made by a local publication in the Kingdom. Scholar Al Odah had traveled to Malmo, Sweden in order to help the Syrian Children arriving there. He also visited a refugee camp which had been setup in Turkey.

Al Odah stated that even though all people have freedom and free will, the Holy Quran, The Holy Bible and the Torah, all consider that the act of homosexuality is indeed a bad one. Al Odah stated that the act of homosexuality does not necessarily require any punishment in this life, however, the people involved in this activity will definitely face its consequences in the afterlife.

Al Odah added that the act of homosexuality does not prevent any individual from being a Muslim, however, if the individuals have indulged in such a behavior, they should come forward and make this information public knowledge. When Al Odah was asked about his condemnation of Daesh and Al Qaeda and how to implement the Islamic Law, he stated that everybody would be glad to know that he had personally denounced the ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists on several occasions.

Al Odah added that he also denounced all acts of terror and violence, regardless of which group carried them out. He added that the term Islamic Law is a very broad concept that has been hijacked by radicals and distorted. He further stated that the true Islamic Law merely codifies how the general people should be conducting themselves on a daily basis and in a good, ethical manner. He was then questioned about the comments that he had made about the Jews. Al Odah stated that he does not really remember making a statement that the Holocaust had been exaggerated or was simply a myth and that the Jewish people would use actual human blood to bake their bread.[irp]

He added however that though one cannot deny that the Holocaust took place, as it is completely documented historically, it is not the only Holocaust to have taken place. Al Odah states there is a holocaust being carried out currently in Bosnia, and another one in Syria.

Source: Arab News

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