Up to SR 950 Health Insurance is required for all types of visas in Saudi Arabia

All of us know that the government of Saudi Arabia increased the fee for all type of visas since 1st Muharram 1438 i.e. Oct 02, 2016, we have covered it in detail in the link provided at the end of this paragraph. However, there is some new development in this regard. Many agents all over the world have been communicated by Saudi Embassies and Saudi Consulates in their respective countries that every passport holder is required to take Health Insurance for processing the visa. We have received a circular issued by the VFS office India stating that the fee will be revised starting from 17th of Oct 2016. [irp]

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory to undertake the health insurance for all travelers irrespective of their visa types (even for transit visas). The health insurance certificates can only be obtained through Enjaz Banking System of the Saudi Embassy by paying an amount equivalent to USD 254 or SR 952 which has to be paid along with visa fee. It should be noted that starting from Oct 17, 2016, the Saudi Embassy shall not accept any visa application without the insurance. It is also important to mention here that Saudi Embassy will not accept any other kind of insurance apart from insurance subscribed by Enjaz Banking System. As a result of this, the visa fee in your respective countries will further be revised starting from 17th of October.

We are still not sure how much they will be charging for each kind of visa. For example, permanent family visa holders and work visa holders are already required to obtain health insurance after coming into Saudi Arabia. They cannot process their Iqama without subscribing for health insurance. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia

If this insurance requirement is not applied to the above two categories of visas, it will be surely applied on family visit visa. T means that the fee for family visit visa is going to be further increased by SR 950. It should be important here to remind you that expatriates are required to pay SR 2,000 per passport fee in addition to some other administrative fee in the home countries. If this insurance requirement is applied, expatriates will be required to pay around SR 3,200 per passport to apply for family visit visa.[irp]

There are still many things unclear about this decision; we will keep you posted about it as soon as we get to know about it. Please drop a comment below if you get some latest information. We will share it here so that thousands of others expatriates are benefitted.

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