A Hospital in Taif threw away a newborn baby into Garbage

The Hospitals are responsible for medical errors: If somebody is working in a hospital, the hospital is regularly responsible if that representative hurts a patient by acting inappropriately. It means that if the worker is careless, the hospital will be liable for any resulting injuries to the patient.

Nurses, medical and help staff are among the hospital representatives. During their job, if the employee does something which harms the patient, the patient can sue the hospital for the resulting damages.

Carelessness and negligence are really common these days, even in certain sensitive fields. It is negligence of the professionals in following the guide they are provided with, to fulfill their oath and the requirements of their profession.

Hospital Staff threw a baby into Garbage: In Taif, there was a case which came to light in which the hospital staff by mistake threw a baby into garbage thinking that it was a medical waste. Shocking, isn’t it?

I wonder what made them do so. It involved a trio of two cleaners and an attendant who worked at a private hospital. They placed the newborn dead body in a waste bag instead of body sack because of which they misunderstood and threw it away.

The body was lost: It all started when the hospital management called the father of the newborn a few months back and told him that his infant had died within 24 hours of birth. The father went to the hospital to claim the child’s dead body.

He was told by the management that the body had been lost. He panicked and informed the Al Khobar police about this incident and a formal protest was registered to Health Affair Department.

The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution was also referred for further process. The court referred to the family’s damages to the relevant body with control within the Health Affairs Department of the Eastern Province.

All those who were involved in the incident were not allowed to travel until all investigations had been completed. This is truly a sad incident.

The child lost at a birth itself is a traumatic experience for the family especially the mother who needs counseling for a long period of time. 

Punishment: The hospital staff should be punished for such an act of neglect and carelessness. The only expectation is that the leadership in charge takes note and adopts protocol so that this never happens again.

A court of Al Khobar ordered to put the 2 cleaners and staff to 3 months in jail and 70 lashes. The order was declared after when they admitted their carelessness.

Source: Arab News

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