15 Years Jail, SR 1 million fines for supplying Illegal Housemaids

The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Interior have once again come out and warned that all of those individuals, groups or organizations who are involved in trafficking housemaids will be imposed a maximum sentence of 15 years’ jail, a monetary sum of SAR 1 million, or both. This news was reported initially by a local media house report. The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labor have stated that all of the individuals would be publicly displayed, named and shamed. This would mean that everybody would know their identities as they would be made public on the different media platforms present in the country. This is however not the main punishment, it will serve as an add on to the jail term and monetary fine.[irp]

All of those people involved in the act of hiring illegal housemaids will be penalized and so will the brokers and any and all of the facilitators, who knowingly helped them get employed illegally. The two Ministries have stated that all of the recruitment must be done through the official Musaned website. The Ministry of Labor has stated earlier on in the year that there would be a strict monitoring of all the agreements which have been signed the countries that are sending workers to the Kingdom. All of the recruiters will have to be registered on the official Musaned website, which is also linked to several countries abroad, which includes the embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located all around the world.

The Ministry of Labor has also issued a warning that there will be a series of the continuous and unannounced raid on the offices of those people who are involved in recruiting workers and have clearly stated that neither the expatriates nor the local population should be dealing with any unauthorized office or organization. All the members of the general public can very easily check whether any particular operator is licensed to work by simply logging on to the official Musaned Website.

If any individual faces any problems in relation to the Musaned website or the process, they can file a complaint on the website Musaned.gov.sa or they can dial the customer service line by dialing 19911 or can contact any branch of the Ministry of Labor located across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Any and all complaints lodged by the public will be thoroughly investigated and the violators will be held accountable.

After the announcement, made by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Interior, a wave of support for the new move followed suit. Although people were pleased with this new move, they also brought to light the various ways that the people involved in doing these illegal activities had ruined countless lives and destroyed families.[irp]

Some people criticized the employers equally so as the brokers as they would exploit their workers knowing full well they were illegal and did not hold any ground against them and could be dismissed and arrested within an instant.

Source: Arab News

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