Why are only mothers blamed if daughters get engaged in unethical acts?

In the past, the customs and traditions were so that the mothers were blamed if their daughters got engaged in some immoral activities or go astray. The mothers who are viewed as protectors of their daughters are expected to raise them as a decent and good citizen. Today the views have changed, and the mothers are not blamed for their daughter’s indecent activities A sociology and criminology expert, Dr. Salih Al Aqeel has stated that it was completely unfair for the society to blame the mothers for any mistakes committed by their daughters.[irp]

In the past, any negative or positive act done by any girl would be automatically associated with how her mother had raised her. Today, however, things have changed. The moral compass of any daughter may be affected by numerous external sources other than how her mother raised her. These factors may include TV, the internet, and smartphones. The most that a mother can do is making her focus on religion and reinforce the teachings of Islam and Sharia and basically just hope for the better. The reason behind society blaming mothers is rooted deeply in the traditions of society and the social views.

A professor of Islamic Creed at the King Khaled University, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Qonsol has stated that there is nothing present in the Sharia which calls for blaming a mother if their daughter acts immorally or inappropriately and goes astray. It is quite true that most of the daughters do look up to their mothers as a role model and are heavily influenced by them, however, this fact cannot give anybody the right to blame the mother for the actions of their daughters.

Several of the highly religious men around the world have children who are addicted to drugs, whereas some of the most immoral men around the world have the most decent and civilized children. Whether a child grows up to become a good citizen depends on equally on the parents as well as the kind of upbringing that the son or daughter has had during their adolescent years.

Dr. Al Qonsol also drew attention to the external factors which can be considered much more dangerous than the influence of any mother or father. The parents need to exert immense effort in protecting their daughters as well as their sons from these external factors which include bad company, the Internet, and media.[irp]

Ahmad Al Saad, a sociologist, has stated that he personally believes that the society of Saudi Arabia has been greatly affected by the older views on women and mothers. If any daughter engages in any immodest practice, she does not do so because her mother has influenced her to do so. The mothers were blamed as the relation between the mother and her daughter is very strong. The daughter will follow her mother around all day and will indeed get influenced by her. However, this does not mean that the mothers are to be blamed for their immoral acts.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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