What lessons did we learn from the photos of Omran, Ayland and Adi?

Nobody can ever try to overlook these three photographs that stunned the globe. There are a lot more similar pictures other than these but we are emphasizing on these three for now. The three photographs are just as an example for all of us to imagine what every kid goes through during the war. The first picture is of a Syrian kid named, Omran Daqneesh, who did not show any emotion or feelings on his face as he was sitting and dying inside from a wound initiated by a blast in Aleppo.  The second is of Aylan Kurdi, a kid immigrant who fled with his parents from his land in order to run away from the combat with the aim to have a peaceful life but was unfortunately drowned.  The third picture is of a Syrian young lady Adi Hudea. This innocent soul seems to be still as she “surrendered” to the camera person thinking that the camera was a gun.[irp]

Adi Hudea explains fear, Aylan Kurdi is lifeless, so he shows emptiness and Omran Daqneesh is just plain and still. Aylan’s picture makes us imagine the peaceful comfortable couch in which kids are supposed to rest with sweet dreams and Omran’s way of gazing at his own blood and cleaning it away while sitting in a rescue vehicle shows the extent of war. The reality is that these feelings are not made up or false but are very true.

These pictures show that there are no tears, revealing that life ended within these kids and there is nothing to shed. These strong pictures are meant to move the masses so that they stop violating the law and order and rather serve mankind. However, it is pitiful to see that millions of people shared these pictures and wrote sad captions but not even half of them changed. Nobody battled on behalf of those lives and for their sufferings.

The national war in Syria has turned into a proxy war in which the neighboring countries are affected as well. The war was continued in the name of religion and vote based system.  The Syrian Observatory for mankind revealed that by the end of this year, approximately 386,000 people have been executed in the Syrian battle. The UN survey to Syria showed that not even a solitary support arrived at Syrian blocked regions this month.[irp]

We as common people have a part to play. We should take steps to make groups, volunteer and give unpaid help to provide Syrians with the basic necessities. There are few groups and students who managed to set camps and provide them with food, shelter, and medicines.  No person is flawless in this universe. But we can try our best this way. My appeal to every individual is to try to open eyes and see the positive aspects in everything. Bit by bit this way, everything would automatically be good around you leaving a positive sense of life.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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