6 Lesser Known facts about Meezab-al-Rahmah of Kaaba

The Holy cubical mosque, the Kaaba, is an appealing and eye-catching building with its effective and important historical background. Kaaba is the building in Makkah towards which Muslims face five times a day, every day, for prayers. Straightforwardly over the Kaaba, in the 7th heaven is a house named, the Baitul Ma’moor, which has the same status as the Kaaba for angels. Muslims are praying since the time of Prophet (PBUH) for over 1400 years ago. The maximum first two levels are made out of wood. They were recreated with teak which may be topped with stainless steel. The dividers are aggravated from stone. The stones inside are unpolished, but the stones which are outside are polished. This little building has been established and recreated by Prophet Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). No other structures own this honor. Recommended: 13 Sights of Holy Kaaba you should know about[irp]

There is a gold spout on the top of the Kaaba between Rukn e Iraqi and Rukn e Shami from where rainwater tumbles onto the Hijr Ismail, known as Meezab. It is reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) supplicated under that Meezab.  It is ordinarily known as the ‘Meezab-e-Rahmah’ which means “The water outlet of mercy”. It is included in the drawing of Kaaba while re-fabricating in 1627 because the downpour in 1626 brought about three of the four dividers breakdown. The gutter is also included to protect the framework and from the pool being built from underground water. Water streams down from the top of the Hateem and people think about this water to be magical and full of Shifa. In any case, there may be no such confirmation that states the religious importance of this water.

1-History reveals that the Quresh were primarily the ones to develop a top on the Kaaba and join this down the pipe. Preceding their establishment, there was no top or no down pipe from Kaaba. The first roof of Kaaba was made up of pinnate (dates tree leave).

2-The Meezab was said to be re-designed when Kaaba was re-designed in 1417 A.H. The dimensions were retained to be the same when Head Sultan Abdul Majeed Khan remodeled the Meezab in 1273 A.H.

3-There are few Arabic words which are: ‘Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem’ and ‘Ya Allah’, written on the front part of Meezab e Rahmah.

4-There are sharp pointed spikes installed on it on the side of spout facing the sky so that birds do not gather around it.[irp]

5-Previously, it was made from materials like wood, silver, and iron. In 1554, Salman Qanuni covered the spout with a silver mask. Then in 1573, his son Salem Sani built gold plated Meezab. During 86 to 94, Waleed Bin Abdul Malik re-built the meezab from pure gold.

6-The length is 253 meters and the width is 26 centimeters of the spout. The portion which is inside the wall of the Kaaba roof is 58 centimeters.

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