10 Advantages of being an only daughter in a Saudi House

One kid per couple is very rare in Saudi Arabia; though it is common in the rest of the world, as Saudi men often have more than one wife. Being an only child and that too girl in the house means that everyone should listen, learn, hug, hold, love, and talk to her and fulfill her wishes. Daughters are called Rehma. Following are some facts related to the lives of the only daughters.

1-The Only daughters are treated specially so they tend to choose, select and buy whatever they want and nobody can say no to them.[irp]

2-These girls are pampered like a Queen as they are the only child of their parents. Parents try to fulfill their every wish without ever refusing. They tend to do less housework than daughters with siblings. These kids are so treated like a princess by their family that they set high expectations about how other men should treat them. These children get the most undivided attention and love of their parents.

3-The wedding of the only daughter is a very hot topic. Everyone awaits the wedding and questions constantly as to whom the parents would give their only dear child.

4-These girls have a wild and strong imagination power as they have a plenty of alone time.

5-Being an only kid, the parents are very conscious about them. The only daughter is their life and so sometimes they act overprotective. No matter what they do, the only daughters are always dearest to their parents and remain the favorite child.

6-Only kids indicate a larger amount of freedom since they don't have siblings. They even have a tendency to be more autonomous. They are friendly and have more friends. As a child, they don’t really play well with others as they are used to live alone and have their personal space and time.

7-These kids usually take advantage of being the only child and use this as a weapon shamelessly to agree their parents upon something through blackmailing. They have a card to walk out of every situation safely by telling that they are the only child.

8-These only daughters are closer to their mothers and they usually have a best friend type of relationship. Being the only daughter, their opinions get special attention and consideration too.

9-These children are assumed to be a spoiled brat as they are never refused of anything and given the power to do whatever they want. They have a low tolerance and patience level. They cannot tolerate anyone teasing them. They either get angry or burst into tears.[irp]

10-They are not used to sharing their room or personal space as they live only most of the time. They wish to have a sibling to share their time and play with while growing up. Their parents expect a lot from them and they are often asked if they are the only daughters.

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