Electronic School Bus Monitoring System to be launched in Saudi Arabia

As part of the new regulations in order to ensure the safety of students, the Education Department of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just set up a new system which has been tasked with tracking the movement of all of the school buses in the Eastern Province. The Education Department has also subsequently launched an awareness program for the school bus drivers. This move by the Education Department comes shortly after the death of a young student by the name of Nawaf Sulami, who died earlier on in the year inside a school bus. All of the schools in the Eastern Province are now preparing for the extremely hot summer months which are to arrive shortly. This news is in accordance to a report which was issued by a local publication in the Kingdom earlier on in the week.[irp]

The new regulations brought about by the Education Department will require the schools to physically check all of the buses in the mornings as well as in the afternoons in order to ensure that no child has been left behind in the hot buses, especially in the back seats.  The schools must also have a list of all of the students who are traveling to and from school through the school buses.

The new electronic system being introduced by the Education Department will ensure that the buses are always being tracked whenever they are en route and will also allow the authorities to monitor the way of driving of all the drivers and to receive complaints about any behavior of the driver.

The spokesman for the Education Department in the Eastern Province, Saeed Al Bahes has stated that there would also be an operations room which would be established in order to compile the various reports which have been submitted by the schools as well as the parents on the services provided, with any additional input. It would then be passed on to the supervisors if any action is needed or there is a need for correction of any and all shortcomings.

The Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must introduce new stringent requirements for the tests which are given to the drivers while applying for the jobs. The Ministry of Education has also introduced new buses which are capable of seating 40 to 50 students at a time. This will provide in total 1150 new seats for students in the region to travel to and from their schools.[irp]

The new buses introduced by the education ministry will be in compliance with optimal safety measures and will, as a result, be equipped with fire extinguishers, seat belts, lights, first aid kits, and emergency doors. I personally remember writing about the death of the young student in the back seat of a bus not too long ago and I feel a sense of relief that strong action has been taken to ensure that no other child will go through what young Nawaf Sulami went through.

Source: Arab News

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