3 reasons, new generation wants to dine out so much

It is no hidden fact that the current generation generally prefers to eat food outside at restaurants or fast food outlets, despite the fact that most of the Saudi families have extremely well-stocked kitchens. The huge demand for food has created several fast food restaurants all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the huge malls have huge food courts as well, where it is quite impossible to not find something you would like to eat. Sarah Abdullah, a full-time employee has no time to cook back home, hence she picks up something to eat on her way home from work. She loves trying out new dishes and restaurants on the weekends which is an unending journey due to the numerous restaurants in the Kingdom.[irp]

Nouf Abdulrahman, a college student, stated that she only eats out at those restaurants which offer healthy eating options such as Sushi. As a student she finds it difficult to cook anything healthy at home, however, she admits that eating out is expensive. She added that she spends half of her monthly allowance on eating outside. A specialist in quality system management and nutrition, Lamya Al Braheem stated that most of the families these days go eat out as they do not have time to cook anything. She added that her teenage children prefer fast food and do not like homemade stuff. She thinks it is mostly due to the fact that it is full of fatty content and tastes more delicious that way. She remembers her younger years where she would prefer a burger or falafel sandwich over home cooked food.

1-She conducted a questionnaire upon the issue and asked Saudis and expats why they like to eat out. One of the most common and main reasons the respondents gave for eating out was the smell and better taste found in the restaurant cooked food.

2-The other major factor was time. Most of the respondents stated that they do not have any time to cook due to either studies or work.

3-The third reason was prestige i.e. several of the families only prefer to eat at pricey, fancy restaurants in order to brag about it.

Around 90 percent of the respondents stated that they only eat out at the well-known restaurants. However, not everybody is sold on the idea of fast food. A school teacher, Amal Muhammad, has stated that even though her job takes up a lot of her time, she still manages to cook for her family. She added that the food at the restaurants is full of calories which are harmful to our health.[irp]

Maha Al Daliilan has stated that she does not eat out at restaurants due to the poor hygiene standards that she was observed in most of the restaurants. It is getting more and more dangerous to eat out nowadays, as restaurants are serving rotten poisonous food to the customers. Every day the media is reporting about the health inspectors destroying the rotten food at well-known restaurants.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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