5 Problems caused by stray camels and barns in the Holy City of Madina

The presence of the stray camels and also large numbers of barns or animal enclosure within the residential districts in Madinah has become sort of a nightmare for the residents of the holy city of Madinah. The citizens have urged the mayoralty to take strong measures against this negative occurrence in order to prevent the widespread of several diseases such as MERS and asthma too. The stray camels have become a norm of the order of a day in Madinah and nobody can harass or question any animals which move around the city comfortably and peacefully, The Arabic daily Al Madina has stated during an investigative report which highlighted the issues which were tarnishing the image of Madina.[irp]

1-The citizens know that these barns have been constructed inside the districts illegally and their establishment is a clear sign that there is negligence somewhere amongst the concerned authorities. The citizens of Madinah now fear for their lives as these animals spread highly contagious diseases.

2-Cameras can easily show you stray camels walking in the Khaleel district where a huge number of these camels gather every day creating huge traffic problems.

3-Some of these camels also block the roads and break into houses. Several other camels can also be found near the Sheep Market and the districts neighboring the sheep market.

4-Saleh Al Hojaili has stated that the owners of these barns do not maintain them or even spray them with insecticide to minimize the negative impact created by these barns on the public. Hence these barns have turned into the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and deadly viruses which have caused people to keep their windows shut even in the unforgiving Saudi Summer Season. Other citizens further stated that the owners of these barns and animals should understand the grave risks to humans posed by these animals through the Coronavirus.

5-A nasty smell also comes from these barns, especially more so during times of rain. This further leads to air contamination and also releases a huge number of infectious mosquitoes into the environment.[irp]

As a result, several people have called for the shifting of these barns to the places on the outskirts of these residential districts. Yousuf Al Otaibi, a citizen of Madinah has backed the proposal amongst other citizens and he wants to have the barns located in Taibah districts to be shifted to any place away from the homes of the people. He also expressed his serious concerns over the inaction by the authorities against the constructions of such barns inside the residential districts. Al Otaibi added that at the very least the owners of the barns should ensure that their animals do not escape the enclosure and cause problems for the people of the area.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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