How to use your SIM in Saudi Arabia without Roaming Charges?

When people come from their home countries to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah, they buy a SIM card either from the registered outlets or from outside. Now you don't need to buy a Saudi sim card for Umrah or Hajj as you can use your country's SIM without roaming charges.

Fingerprints are required to get a Saudi sim card for Umrah

Sometimes, Hajj or Umrah agents hand over Saudi sim card for Umrah to them as the price of SIM cards is already included in the package. However, now Saudi Government has made it mandatory to register your fingerprints for activation of any SIM card.

You might face difficulties in registering your fingerprints to get a Saudi sim card for Umrah or Hajj; due to which, today we are going to share with you the procedure to use your country’s SIM in Saudi Arabia without any kind of roaming charges.

Use your personal SIM in Saudi Arabia without roaming charges

Instead of purchasing a Saudi sim card for Umrah by any Mobile Operator in Saudi Arabia, you can keep using your very own SIM from your native countries such as Pakistan or India. All you have to do is connect to STC and dial 1500 to obtain an LRN.

A Local Roaming Number or an LRN will allow you to use this number as a local number in Saudi Arabia allowing you to make calls with local charges within the Kingdom, and you can also call anywhere in Pakistan and India on local charges.

In this method, you will not need to have your passport registered, and will not need to provide your fingerprints too.

  1. Register with the STC network
  2. Dial 1500 and follow the instructions which will then give you the local number.
  3. After this, every call to a Saudi number will be considered as a national call.
  4. All you have to do is dial *1 prior to dialing the number you want to call in order to initiate the LRN.

Important Points

Anybody wanting to contact you can do so on your LRN as a normal call. The initial registration will give you a free starting balance of 5 SAR which will be valid for 3 days.

During this period you need to recharge enough to keep the number active and valid otherwise you will lose the number and will have to get another one.

Which Indian SIM works in Saudi Arabia?

People often come up with a question, which Indian SIM works in Saudi Arabia? I think all the SIMs would work in Saudi Arabia as long as your roaming is active.

Saudi Arabia is a country where more than 1 million people travel every year from India; as a result, Indian cellular companies have contracted with one or another mobile network in Saudi Arabia to continue providing their services.

Which Saudi SIM card is the best for Umrah pilgrims of Pakistan and India?

People are also intrigued to know which Saudi SIM card is the best for Umrah pilgrims of Pakistan and India. I would like to tell you that all mobile networks in Saudi Arabia offer attractive packages to engage Umrah pilgrims.

I think the best SIM card for Umrah Pilgrims which has the best internet facility available in Makkah and Madina and especially around the Haram. According to my personal experience, Zain SIM card is the best for Umrah pilgrims of Pakistan and India due to their cheap call rates and internet packages.

What is the price for a Saudi Sim card for umrah?

People coming for Hajj and Umrah want to know the price at which Saudi SIM cards are available for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims. Well, the price varies from SR 15 to SR 30. The one available for SR 30 comes up with some free internet, free balance or free calling minutes.