Egyptian Women are ranked No. 1 in beating their Husbands

It is always reported that women are a victim of violence and abuse by their spouses (husbands). It is very common these days especially when anger and frustration prevails. No one gets acknowledged by the fact which is revealed by UN crime report. UN crime report statistics indicate that “Egyptian women are considered internationally number one in abusing and beating their spouses (husbands). In short Egyptian husbands are being targeted victim of their wives”.[irp]

According to social reports, usually, women are targeted by their spouses (husbands). But it is not actually what social norms reflect. Sometimes fact is really different from a social perspective. Whenever we get news of any domestic violence, we usually get the opinion that the wife is the victim. UN crime statistics report the other perception which we usually never think about Women. The short temper of husbands leads to abuse usually but now wives also are not any less. For defense or for approval of their rights, cases on beating husbands are very common now especially related to the Egyptian women.

The data, collected from the Egyptian Family Court states that 66% of the wives go for divorce in the Family Court. These 66 % wives usually beat and abuse their spouses (husbands). In the ranking, Egypt is followed by the India and United Kingdom. UN crime Statistics Report says that Egyptian Wives take help of different things in order to torture their husbands. The UN crime reports also revealed that women just not only use their hands but also use different items such as pins, slippers, shoes, weapons, belts, needles, utensils. Sometimes women use sleeping pills too.

Strange! Isn't it? It is a silent way to abuse. They also burn their husbands sometimes. There was a case when the Egypt’s top prosecutor ordered to arrest the administrator of a famous Facebook page who publicized on a television show that one-third of the married women in Egypt are not faithful to their spouses. This caused a social media storm. An arrest warrant was issued by the public prosecutor for the admin named, Taymour El-Sobky as he damaged the honor of Egyptian women.[irp]

Islam does not give permission to wives to beat husbands no matter what happens. As women are always a victim and target through different ways for different reasons. Women are social, physical, and mentally harassed and abused. Most people have the same school of thought. But after getting UN crime statistics, people’s view about this perception that just women are targeted should be changed.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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