What is the meaning of Green and Blue traffic boards?

As the population is increasing with passing time, so are the vehicles. The increase in vehicles leads to increase in traffic and greater chances of road traffic accidents and incidents. In order to protect people from such accidents, there are a number of steps taken to ease not only driving but also making it safe for pedestrians to walk. One of the measures is guidelines signs. This is to help the pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to understand the road and know about their destination.  Guideline signs are sort of boards that are placed along the sides of the roads, or in the middle of the divider, or above highways, pathways or roadways.[irp]

They may be to Guide the traffic in the right direction, Warn the traffic about a hindrance or blocked road ahead, Regulation of the flow of traffic, telling about the length of road, Explain the nearest next service center, Stating the time or kilometers left to the next destination, there are route marker signs, there are signs near schools to slow down the car or be aware of children crossing the roads. This helps the cars to be kept on slow speed and Cultural and recreational signs. There is a particular procedure for the selection and installation of these signs according to its needs. Guideline signs may be of various sizes, shape or color, written in various font styles or in the form of signs. It depends upon the type of guideline and the length of the message.  Some important common signs are mentioned as follows:

1-Blue boards with white font are signs to mention different countries, cities or villages. Blue boards and white writings are also for highway signs.

2-Green signs with white writings are for streets within the city or neighborhood. Boards of green color and white writings are to be placed within the city.

3-Brown boards with white writings locate religious places or places of entertainment.

4-White boards with black writings emphasize upon important places like hospitals.

5-The red color is usually to denote “STOP”, “DO NOT ENTER” or “WRONG WAY” sign.

6-Orange is for temporary traffic control signs.

7-Yellow denotes school signs and warning signs.

8-An octagon represents the sign to stop.

9-A pentagon shaped sign is usually near a school to denote school ahead or school crossing zone.

10-Railroad crossings are denoted by round boards.

11-Hazards and dangerous signs are usually placed on diamond shaped sign boards.

12-Regulatory notices usually are stated on long vertical boards.[irp]

In order to understand these guidelines, one should know how to read these and also its importance. One who fails to understand its importance won’t ever take it into use and result in accidents or hazards for themselves. This signs are for everyone’s safety and ease. It makes driving and walking less complicated. It saves time as well and guides you correctly till your destination.

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