10 Reasons to Eat an Apple a Day

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is one of the most famous nutritional advice that people of all age groups are familiar with. Apple is a powerful food that is very beneficial for overall health. Apple is a very easy snack kind of food that one can carry easily and it promotes better health.

1-Soluble fiber: Apples contain a huge amount of soluble fiber which is very easy to be digested. According to recent studies, soluble fibers help in reducing the intestinal problems including hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. This fiber also balances the insulin levels in the body. It also helps to detoxify the body by flushing out metals like mercury and lead.

2-Helps to eliminate cholesterol levels: A substance known as Pectin available in apple helps to minimize the cholesterol levels by reducing insulin secretion

3-Asthma treatment: According to the latest research, patients of Asthma with higher intake of apples exhibit prominent improvement in the disease. Eating five apples a week helps to treat a number of respiratory diseases.

4-Strengthens the heart: Apple is very beneficial to improve the functionality of the heart. As used in many Chinese medicines, it is known for its remarkable health benefits. It helps in the lubrication of the lungs while increasing the body fluids.

5-Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is obtained from the apple and it is very helpful in decomposing the kidney stones.

6-Prevent skin diseases and allergies: Eating apples on a daily basis can keep you safe from all kinds of skin allergies and problems.

7-Weight loss:  Intake of apple can boost up your metabolism in return helping you to reduce weight easily.

8-Free from fats: Apple can be taken as a healthy snack as it contains fats and sodium. Instead, it is 50-80 calories only.

9-Rich with vitamin A and C: Apples are a very rich source of vitamin A and C. They also contain flavonoids with the very little quantity of iron, calcium and phosphorous.

10-White and healthier teeth: Eating and chewing apple help to produce more and more saliva, the production of more saliva helps to reduce the tooth decay by controlling the bacteria.

When not to eat an apple? Apple seeds are known to be toxic when they are taken in excessive quantity; the seeds should be avoided by children and women especially pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.

The apple juice that is obtained from a non-organic apple is very dangerous because it contains a heavy amount of arsenic in it. Whereas the organic apple juice is free from arsenic and other harmful substances.

Always try your best to keep hands on the organic apples as they are known as the world most pesticides –contaminated products. Always wash the apple properly before you eat. All the nutrients are present below the skin so it’s always a healthier idea to eat an apple with skin. Apple skin contains a large amount of Vitamin A and vitamin C.