A Story of Expat Workers who intentionally injure themselves to get Compensation

According to the latest development, as informed by the employers, many workers are found guilty of injuring themselves as they intend to receive high compensation benefits in return. It may sound a very unbelievable act on the part of the workers but this a fact that has caught the attention of many employers. A number of Employers complain about their workers who were found to injure themselves just in order to get compensation. A very renowned source confirmed that there are various methods that workers put in practice to create emotional drama in order to gain compensation. One of the famous methods of self-injury is using pesticide spray on the body which can cause an immediate numbing effect.[irp]

This spray works perfectly while numbing the bones of the body. Many workers can simply break their limbs while spraying, as the numbness makes the experience painless and smooth. It helps a lot of the workers to achieve their desired injury options. The state offers different compensation packages for the employees but in some cases, the compensation package may include sick leaves and 90 days of paid leaves. Many workers find the compensation packages very attractive therefore they tend to adopt ways that can create fake injuries. Workers with lesser pay scales easily prefer such extreme measures of injuring themselves. They plan to harm themselves via using a number of dangerous tools that can result in severe and permanent damages to their bodies.

Moreover, many injured workers post their videos on social media to highlight their cause. This trend of injuring oneself gains momentum especially during the month of Ramadan and Eid. Dr. Azeem Uddin Zia, a well-known Orthopedic and consultant surgeon told that multiple and repeated fractures that are caused intentionally can lead to permanent health issues.

Dr. Jamal Al- Tuwairqi, a consultant Psychologist, condemns this act and declares it a psychopath activity. He further said that this is not at all a normal act and this behavior display clears symptoms of mental illness. He also added that intentionally harming oneself just to receive compensation is a state of mental dysfunction and these people must be given proper medical therapy to cure their mental illness.

Creating propaganda by false means on social media is another problem and it should be monitored by the government. If a worker is found guilty of injuring oneself intentionally, he/she should be fined with some kind of penalty. Mohammad Al-Zubaidi, a self-development coach, said that people who adopt such cheaper tactics follow a different value system.[irp]

These workers hold the idea that damaging their limbs is a credible way by which they can apparently receive their compensation easily. He also clears that for him such people are not patients with some mental illness or diseases. To him, these people are normal human beings who have fallen blindly to their desires. They belong to a different value system where they must have faced problems in achieving basic necessities of life.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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