Lawyers will be provided to Expatriates “Free of Cost” to Lodge Complaints – Labor Office

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just announced that it has put into place a new procedure that is meant to address the complaints of the expatriates faster than before. Mufrej Al Haqbani, the Minister of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has stated that those expatriates who have complaints such as a delay in the payment of their salaries can now lodge all their complaints and have all their problems dealt with quickly.  The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will be providing the expatriates with legal representation in order to present their cases in the labor courts.[irp]

The Ministry will also defend all the rights of the laborers and expatriates and will not allow the private establishments to get away with neglecting any of their responsibilities. The Minister stated that the labor courts take an unbiased decision and hold the private companies or establishments accountable for any and all violation of labor rights. He further stated that the Labor Courts are completely independent entities and are completely unbiased while making any decisions, irrespective of any nationality. The labor courts treat all the defendants and plaintiffs equally and issue fair rulings in all of the cases. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will also be providing lawyers to follow up on any cases such as delays in the payments of salaries. The expatriates are not obliged to pay any fee or money for the legal representation.

The Ministry is also looking into the facilitation of returning expatriates back to their home countries at the complete expense of the Kingdom. The Ministry has already facilitated that transfer process of the expatriates between the private establishments via their online portal. The Minister, Al Haqbani, stated that the portal also tracks the visas belonging to expatriates and the expiration dates on the visa so that the establishments can know when the visa of any expatriate that they wish to hire would be expiring. The portal is currently only available for those establishments that have a green band or above in the Nitaqat System. Those establishments that are below the green band must work hard in order to reach the green band and gain access to the portal.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development is currently preparing, hand in hand with the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, Municipal and Rural Affairs, Interior, and Telecommunication and Information technology. This is being done for the third phase of the Saudization process of the telecommunication sector in the Kingdom.[irp]

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, along with the Human Resources Development Fund, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, General Organization for Social Insurance and the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank have trained in total 40,000 Saudis in the preparation for the first phase of the Saudization plan, which aims at Saudizing the Telecommunication sector by half or 50 percent.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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