Average Salary of 84 IT related Job Professions in Saudi Arabia

We know that searching for a suitable job in IT related professions in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Once you are done with interviews and other formalities, there is a step of accepting a job offer. What should you demand from your employer? What is a good package according to your profession in Saudi Arabia? Many new comers accepting job offer do not make proper research and accept for job offer which is lesser than their profile. If you go through the table below, I have shared an average salary of 84 job professions related to IT which will help you in making an informed decision.[irp]

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S.NJob Profession 
Salary (SAR)
1Average Salary of Documentation Specialist in Saudi Arabia2000
2Average Salary of Help Desk Manager in Saudi Arabia3000
3Average Salary of Computer Technician in Saudi Arabia3172
4Average Salary of Network Technician in Saudi Arabia3226
5Average Salary of Database Developer in Saudi Arabia4000
6Average Salary of Computer Operator in Saudi Arabia4350
7Average Salary of Software Support Engineer in Saudi Arabia4565
8Average Salary of Help Desk Support in Saudi Arabia4791
9Average Salary of Systems Consultant in Saudi Arabia4800
10Average Salary of C# Developer in Saudi Arabia5995
11Average Salary of User Experience Consultant in Saudi Arabia6500
12Average Salary of VB Developer in Saudi Arabia6500
13Average Salary of IT Administrator in Saudi Arabia6533
14Average Salary of 2nd Line Systems Engineer in Saudi Arabia6780
15Average Salary of Webmaster in Saudi Arabia7000
16Average Salary of Network Administrator in Saudi Arabia7060
17Average Salary of IT Support in Saudi Arabia7351
18Average Salary of Security Administrator in Saudi Arabia7500
19Average Salary of Computer Animator in Saudi Arabia7900
20Average Salary of ABAP Developer in Saudi Arabia8000
21Average Salary of Senior Oracle Developer in Saudi Arabia8008
22Average Salary of Network Engineer in Saudi Arabia8453
23Average Salary of NT Systems Administrator in Saudi Arabia8500
24Average Salary of Applications Systems Specialist in Saudi Arabia9000
25Average Salary of Windows System Administrator in Saudi Arabia9814
26Average Salary of Network Specialist in Saudi Arabia9833
27Average Salary of Network Analyst in Saudi Arabia10000
28Average Salary of SharePoint Administrator in Saudi Arabia10000
29Average Salary of Security Analyst in Saudi Arabia10083
30Average Salary of Quality Specialist in Saudi Arabia10275
31Average Salary of Database Analyst in Saudi Arabia10333
32Average Salary of VB.NET Developer in Saudi Arabia10367
33Average Salary of Technical Sales in Saudi Arabia10980
34Average Salary of C++ Developer in Saudi Arabia11000
35Average Salary of Web Designer in Saudi Arabia11333
36Average Salary of Business Analyst in Saudi Arabia11431
37Average Salary of Project Coordinator in Saudi Arabia11450
38Average Salary of Trainer in Saudi Arabia11779
39Average Salary of Java Developer in Saudi Arabia11855
40Average Salary of System Administrator in Saudi Arabia11967
41Average Salary of Web Security Administrator in Saudi Arabia12000
42Average Salary of Developer / Programmer (General) in Saudi Arabia12017
43Average Salary of Systems Analyst in Saudi Arabia12144
44Average Salary of Software Engineer in Saudi Arabia12318
45Average Salary of Sales Support Manager in Saudi Arabia12611
46Average Salary of Writer / Documentor in Saudi Arabia13000
47Average Salary of Security Specialist in Saudi Arabia13667
48Average Salary of Senior Application Consultant in Saudi Arabia14000
49Average Salary of Data Analyst in Saudi Arabia14287
50Average Salary of Technical Manager in Saudi Arabia14563
51Average Salary of Software Sales in Saudi Arabia14833
52Average Salary of IT Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia15100
53Average Salary of Security Manager in Saudi Arabia15500
54Average Salary of SAP Consultant in Saudi Arabia15900
55Average Salary of Sharepoint Consultant in Saudi Arabia16000
56Average Salary of Database Administrator in Saudi Arabia16500
57Average Salary of Business Systems Analyst in Saudi Arabia16667
58Average Salary of ERP / CRM - Technical Consultant in Saudi Arabia16841
59Average Salary of Data Warehousing Specialist in Saudi Arabia17000
60Average Salary of Network Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia17250
61Average Salary of Project Leader in Saudi Arabia17600
62Average Salary of Consultant in Saudi Arabia19379
63Average Salary of AS400 Programmer in Saudi Arabia20000
64Average Salary of Service Delivery Manager in Saudi Arabia20000
65Average Salary of IT Manager in Saudi Arabia20038
66Average Salary of Business Process Consultant in Saudi Arabia20917
67Average Salary of Business Intelligence Analyst in Saudi Arabia21000
68Average Salary of Information Services Consultant in Saudi Arabia21090
69Average Salary of Technical Consultant in Saudi Arabia21629
70Average Salary of Development Manager in Saudi Arabia22050
71Average Salary of PHP Developer in Saudi Arabia22750
72Average Salary of Network Security Systems Manager in Saudi Arabia24000
73Average Salary of Systems Architect in Saudi Arabia25000
74Average Salary of Software Architect in Saudi Arabia25000
75Average Salary of Hardware Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia25000
76Average Salary of Project Manager in Saudi Arabia25648
77Average Salary of Web Developer in Saudi Arabia27083
78Average Salary of ERP Project Manager in Saudi Arabia28048
79Average Salary of IT Director in Saudi Arabia30500
80Average Salary of Chief Information Technology Officer in Saudi Arabia31504
81Average Salary of Enterprise Architecture Manager in Saudi Arabia35313
82Average Salary of ERP Analyst in Saudi Arabia35400
83Average Salary of Chief Information Security Officer in Saudi Arabia37917
84Average Salary of Sharepoint Developer in Saudi Arabia39500


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