6 Amazing Features of E-Bracelet given to Hajj Pilgrims by Saudi Government

The Hajj is an obligatorily religious responsibility to Muslims that must be performed at least once in their lifetime by all grown-up Muslims who are bodily and monetarily fit of undertaking the journey and can back up their relations throughout their nonattendance. 

Lost Hajj Pilgrims: Every year millions of Muslims from everywhere visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, a responsibility for every Muslim who can pay for it to perform at least once. However, the experience of the most favorite voyage doesn't turn without hardship, in particular, when relatives go temporarily lost among the millions around the globe.

Keeping way of adored ones is a standout among the real tests which pilgrims have to face, particularly in an area where men and ladies are remote.

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1-Important Data of Pilgrims: The Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) is presenting electronic advanced mobile bracelets during Hajj from now that hold all very important data of the pilgrims to face whatever emergency, as stated by Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Suhaibani, secretary-general of the Association of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross.

The service of Hajj published that from now on, the boost of the E-bracelet saves the particular data of every pilgrim including the place the representative entered the Kingdom, visa number, passport number, and address.

The gadget additionally incorporates information on pilgrims’ authorized administration providers, lodge in Makkah, Madinah or the sacred sites, and the phone numbers of the individuals helping them.

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2-Health-related Information: Talking to News, Al-Suhaibani said that the keen wrist trinket is the most recent contraption for fast reaction and will hold majority data of the health checkup history and health supplies of pilgrims, which will help in saving lives in any circumstance.

Al-Suhaibani clarified that not only pilgrims but these advanced mobile bracelets can also be utilized by the service of health for a clinic in patients.

The service of work and social improvement will discover it helpful for laborers and workers for the health information; and the global associations for refugees and displaced people, to kind operations in general.

3-Connection to Mobile Phones: The keen wrist trinket will hold numerous extraordinary bar-codes that work with smartphones and computers logged off and on the web. He said fast reaction substances would promptly be able to access the data on these bracelets and execute it in sparing their lives, if necessary.

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4-Most Innovative Technology: This is the most recent innovative technology of engineering organization and a joint agenda of Red Crescent and the Saudi Skop aggregation.

5-Helpful in Crisis Management: Earlier, the SRCA took interest in a workshop sorted out by the service of health titled, “Crisis management and strategic planning,” to battle any kind of emergency during this year’s hajj.

The authorities from the Saudi Red Crescent took an interest in the workshop and reviewed vital arrangements and methods for emergency administration.

The workshop was held in the attendance of a number of authorities starting with the service of Health, heads of hajj committees, and with the contribution of masters from Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

10-The Price of the Band: The band will be priced at or below $100 and expects to be prepared for Hajj 2017.

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