Procedure to Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction

STC is the largest Saudi telecommunication company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the biggest cellular network which provides mobile, landline, internet and computer networking services.

There are many prepaid and postpaid services offered by STC, but SAWA is a prepaid line that offers its customers to make national and international calls, including SMS and MMS messages along with internet services.

In order to cater the need of different customers, STC has introduced 3 different types of SIM categories, each offering an affordable package for its customers. It includes SAW25, STC ZIYARA, and STC ROAMING.

Recently many customers have launched complaints against STC as many faces an uninformed deduction of balance from their prepaid accounts. One major reason for the deduction of balance is that many people have subscribed certain services that are associated with STC.

Despite charging the balance, again the same uninformed deduction of the balance occurs and the problem remains the same. So here are some ways and solutions by which you can prevent the uninformed deduction of the balance.

  • Make sure you have not subscribed any services offered by STC on your pre-paid STC account.
  • Sometimes the customer subscribes to a service without having much information about it, which results in a uniformed deduction from the balance.

Procedure to stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction

First of all, send a blank message to 800444 and 800828.

Now you will receive a reply message from that same number. You may get the reply in a minute or sometimes it can take a day.

When you receive the reply, it basically comprises of all the information about the services that you have subscribed. It is a detailed message showing all the services that you have subscribed to date.

Now after watching all the subscribed services, you need to unsubscribe all the unnecessary services that you don’t want anymore.

Write “U” with space and “unsubscription code”.

You can do this one by one unless you receive the message, “No subscription to any channel in this service”.

Still, if you don’t find any subscription details, you can simply call customer care center on 902 or you can visit the nearest customer care center.


Soon after the activation of the SIM, the STC SIM is valid for 60 days.

After 90 days, without a recharge, the STC SIM will automatically be deactivated.

Based on the SIM category, the SIM validity period will be extended depending on the recharge.

The STC SIM price is SR 30.

Once you activate your SIM card you will receive an initial credit worth SR 25.

Whether a local or an international, SMS message costs SR0.25

Please use these codes. Send the below codes number to 900.

  • Service shortcodes: 6060

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