How to Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction?

There are many prepaid and postpaid services offered by STC, people often ask how to deactivate STC services as many times STC continues to charge them even after the service is supposedly deactivated.

Recently many customers have launched complaints against STC as many faces an uninformed deduction of balance from their prepaid accounts. One major reason for the deduction of balance is that customers subscribe to some STC services. In order to get rid of this problem, they will have to deactivate STC services manually.

Here are some ways and solutions by which you can prevent the uninformed deduction of the balance by deactivating STC services.

How to Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction?

First of all, send a blank message to 800444 and 800828. You will receive a reply message from that same number. You may get the reply in a minute or sometimes it can take a day. You can say that it is the STC all service stop code.

When you receive the reply, it basically comprises of all the information about the services that you have subscribed. It is a detailed message showing all the services that you have subscribed to date along with STC deactivation codes.

After watching all the subscribed services, you need to unsubscribe all the unnecessary services that you don’t want anymore. Write “U” with space and “unsubscription code”.

You can do this one by one unless you receive the message, “No subscription to any channel in this service”.

2957 Procedure to Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction

Another way to deactivate STC services is to call customer care center on 902 or you can visit the nearest customer care center.

Some people also complain that STC continues to bill them for the internet and landline even after the discontinuation of services from their side. Well, it is actually a fault from your side as you don't follow the correct procedure. We have explained in this article the details to cancel STC internet and landline permanently.