26 Moles on your Face and their Hidden Meanings

Many people have moles either on their bodies or face and this is very common. According to studies and conventional myths, moles present on different parts of the face interpret meanings. In many cases, a mole being a beauty enhancer helps to create a person’s individual identity. The very renowned super model, Candy Crawford, ranked among the top beauties because of her beautiful signature mole. Moles can be found on any side of your face, be it on the nose, below the lip and or on the forehead. Some people are not happy to have moles on their face, therefore, they go for various medical treatments by which removal of moles is possible.[irp]

1-If someone has a mole on the forehead, it explains that they are very rebellious in nature. They cannot bear anyone dominating them. If a female has a mole on the forehead it represents that she is a strong woman who is fully aware of her power over the opposite sex. If a male has a mole in the same position it means he will get an honest woman in his life.

2-This mole indicates that the person has a lack of decision making. He/she finds it very difficult to deal with a confusion, so the darker the color of the mole the greater the chances of poor decision making.

3-It is called a husband mole, indicating that a woman with the mole on this position reveals that she will not have a happy married life. The married women will have an argument with her husband and lack of understanding will exist.

4-People with mole at this position are like explosive bombs. They are short tempered and can explode unnecessarily even on petty small things. They tend to pick useless arguments with anyone.

5-This mole represents wealth and traveling which means that the person is very hardworking and ambitious. He/she will easily earn money by working hard.

6-This mole is very lucky as the person has a very sharp brain. He/she is not only sharp but has a creative mind which can come up with amazing ideas.

7-If somebody spots a mole at this place, he/she has to be careful in maintaining good terms with the relatives and friend. It indicates that the person may face real conflicts and disagreements.

8-If the person spots the mole on this position, it means that a person has very less immunity and can easily fall victim to diseases.

9-This mole symbolizes negativity and the person will always suffer from problems. He/she will always be under the dark shadows of trouble and endless sufferings. It would be a better idea to get rid of this mole.

10-This mole reveals that the married couple will be blessed with wealth and many children. It symbolizes the fertility of the women hood.

11-This mole is not at all good for women, as it indicates that the woman will suffer from illness or she will face a lot of marital upheavals and a lack of sensitivity towards her spouse.

12-This mole suggests that the person will always lead a happy prospering life without any hurdles. Riches, success, and fame will kiss his/her feet.

13-People with this mole are born with very sensitive nature and are easily moved by little problems. They have a constant habit of over thinking and worrying about petty issues in life.

14-This mole indicates that the person has an extraordinary extreme appetite for food. He/she tends to indulge in eating all the time and can never say no to food. This is a weakness which can lead to food related allergies.

15-Mole on chin reveals the truth that you are a very lucky person with positive vibes. Glory and success will kiss your feet at every stage of your life. You are a creative soul and want to experience life.

16-This mole suggests that a person is a romantic soul but you fall in love with everyone very easily.

17-These people are born star. They work hard to achieve success and they talk like a maverick. They have a very social and charming personality.

18-Women with a mole at this spot is very pretty and utter spendthrift whereas the male is alcoholic wasting their wealth unwisely.

19-This mole indicates that the person is very amiable and tends to make and maintain a lot of friendship. He/ she own a great socializing circle.

20-If you have a mole at this spot, no matter what to plan you will end up in achieving success. You will always reach the top in any situation.

21-If you spot a mole on your upper lips, it means you are a happy go lucky person with a taste for good things in life. The person with this mole positioning loves to explore life as one is passionate about love, food, and music.

22-This mole signifies one’s never ending love for sports. He/she is physically very strong and possesses a strong sportsman spirit.

23-If you spot a mole on the ear it means that you are a great survivor. No matter how difficult the situation gets, you are passionate and strong enough to deal with dangers and challenges.

24-People with this mole are good planners and saving is the only way which can lead to a happy future life. They spend wisely to save for the rainy day.[irp]

25-People with this mole are very curious in nature. They should not be too curious and must control their mind.

26-If you have a mole at this spot, it is not a happy sign. You will be a victim of long term illness which will create problems for you time to time. This mole also indicates constant drain of the financial assets due to poor money management skills.

Source: Buzzle


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