How to do Sajda Sahu in Salah?

It is narrated by Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Ja'far (RA) that the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said: “Anyone who has doubt in his prayer should make Sajda Sahw after giving the salutation.” Sahu means forgetfulness. You might be wondering how to do Sajda Sahu in Salah.

If you unintentionally commit a mistake in Wajib of Salah then you can rectify this mistake by performing Sajda Sahw. If you commit a mistake which is not included in Wajib acts of the prayer then, just seek forgiveness from Allah as there is no need to perform Sajda Sahu.

When is Sajda Sahu necessary?

If one or many of the wajib acts of Salah is omitted unintentionally then it becomes wajib to make Sajda Sahw. By performing Sajda Sahw, the prayer becomes valid. If one does not perform it, he has to repeat the prayer. Recommended: 14 Wajib Acts during Salah omission of which requires Sajda Sahw

If one forgetfully leaves an act which is obligatory and a Fard act of prayer, then prayer will not become valid by performing Sajda Sahw. One must repeat it. Recommended: 6 Fard Acts during Salah omission of which invalidates the Salah

Sajda Sahw becomes wajib if a person does any mistake unintentionally. But if a person intentionally omits anything and done those mistakes then he has to repeat his prayer. Even if doing the Sajda Sahu doesn’t make any difference, the prayer will still be invalid

How to do Sajda Sahu in Salah?

  • In the last Rakaat of Salah when you sit for Qaa’dah Akheerah to finish the Prayer, recite Tashahudd till At-Tahiyaat. In case if you send darood and make dua after At-Tahiyaat even though you can perform Sajda Sahw.
  • Then make a single Salam to the right side
  • After that, you have to perform two consecutive additional prostrations (sajood). Recite the same verse for the Sajda as you recite in regular prayer. There is no difference in the Sajda Sahu.
  • Then recite At-Tahiyaat, Darood upon Prophet Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and make Dua.
  • In the end, like a regular prayer finish your Salah by making Salam on both sides.

What if we make another mistake in Salah after Sajda Sahu?

If a person makes another omission after Sajda Sahw, then the first Sajda Sahw will be sufficient and there is no need to make another.

Is one set of Sajda Sahu enough for many mistakes in Salah?

If numerous mistakes happen in prayer, which makes Sajda Sahu wajib, then there is only one set of Sajda Sahw for all the several things. Only one Sajda Sahw will be sufficient for all the mistakes. It is not made more than once in a prayer.

What if one forgets to perform Sajda Sahu in Salah?

A person unintentionally makes a mistake in his Salah which makes Sajda Sahw wajib on him but at the end of the prayer, he just forgets to make it and concluded his prayer by making salaam on both sides.

Still, he should make Sajda Sahu if he remains sitting the same place neither he turns away from the qiblah, nor he did anything which breaks the prayer breaks.

If the person has moved from the location and figure out later that he missed performing Sajda Sahw which had become wajib in the prayer, he will have to repeat the prayer.

Sajda Sahu from Hanafi school of thought

In this post, I have just explained how to do Sajda Sahw in Salah according to Hanafi point of view. It does not mean that other procedures to perform Sajda Sahw are not correct.

You can continue to follow the procedure you have been following. But it is also important to research on it to conclude that you have been following it correctly.

Source: Central Mosque