Top 8 Places for beautiful sunset view in Jeddah

The sunset and sunrise every day give us a lesson that everything has to last at a specified time. Each new day starts with new hope. By witnessing the beauty of sunset one can slow down his perception of time.  Even if you take a few minutes out of your day to experience the beauty of the sunset, this few minutes’ dose of beauty and fresh air promotes a sense of vitality in you. Nature always works like a fuel for the soul. It will help you to appreciate life’s gifts to you. Sunset has powerful vibes and spiritual benefits. It helps you to multi task in a very healthy way. A tropical sunset is a magical way to de-stress and unwind. It forces you to put down your phone and inspire you so much that you would like to capture these moments.

Colorful sunrises and sunsets can be seen all over the world, but certain parts of the world are famous for their beautiful sunsets and twilight hues. There are so many places you can run for a little recreation and relaxation. The desserts, as well as topics, are famous for their colorful sunsets. Jeddah is the largest sea port of Saudi Arabia and 2nd largest city after Riyadh. There are so many beautiful destinations in Jeddah to view the sensational sunsets. Listed below are some of the stunning spots that will catch your breath and take you in the beauty of nature.

King Fahad Fountain in Jeddah does not need a briefing. If you have ever been in Jeddah, you must have seen this place. I think you can experience the most beautiful view of the sunset in Jeddah at this place. Recommended: World’s Tallest FountainsJeddah Fountain at No. 1[irp]

The Park Hayat is the most famous destination to view stunning sunsets in Southern Corniche of the Al Hamra district. Park Hayat is located in Al-Aziziyah Hotel, Jeddah. Its specialty is the fountain park area which gives the visitors a great stunning view of the sea as well as colorful sunset. The prices are fair and they provide quality food and also offer the Sheesha.[irp]

Blue Ocean is a famous location due to its delicious sea food. It is situated in a wonderful location at the Northern Corniche Road in Jeddah. The restaurant has an amazing sea view and friendly staff. Their prices are very acceptable and they provide superb food.

RoseWood Hotel is situated on the North Corniche Street of Jeddah. They have an enjoyable atmosphere and superb view of the sunset. The staff there is welcoming and they serve delicious food.

Amara Terrace is a famous Coffee shop on Prince Faisal, Corniche Street, Jeddah. They have a pleasant environment and great view. People love to enjoy their food and drinks on the seats near windows.

Star Bucks is world’s famous coffee shop chain situated at two locations in Jeddah. One branch is situated near the Sheraton Hotel and the other is at Al Corniche Road. Both are famous for their stunning views at the time of sun set and sunrise.[irp]

Oriana at Atallah Commercial Centre and Shababik Restaurant at Ana Special Mall are famous for their stunning views, affordable prices, delicious food and polite staff.

Agave Restaurant & café on Tahlia Street is a famous rooftop restaurant famous for its view of Jeddah city. They provide mouthwatering food and provide the best environment to enjoy Sheesha.

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