4 Tips to reduce the harmful effects of Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are very safe medical apparatus which is worn by several people around the world who suffer from weak eyesight. However, wearing these contact lenses can damage your eyes if you wear them for a long period of time, fail to clean them thoroughly or you do not replace them as you had been directed by your eye doctor.

As these contact lenses are resting upon your eye directly and covering the entire cornea, they will decrease the amount of oxygen which actually reaches your eyes from the surrounding environment. A good supply of oxygen is vital in order to keep the eyes healthy.

Contact lenses can increase the risk of damage to the eye as any bacteria and infection can accumulate on or under them. This is more so if the lenses are older and deposits are accumulating on both sides of the contact lenses.

2914 4 Tips to reduce the harmful effects of Contact Lenses

  1. Follow the schedule of wearing and taking off contact lenses

Completely adhere to the schedule for wearing these contact lenses as was recommended by your eye doctors. Also, make sure that you replace or discard the contact lens as and when you have been directed.

  1. Select modern silicone hydrogel contact lens

For added safety, it is recommended that you choose the modern silicone hydrogel contact lens. These lenses are extremely soft and are made of a material which is oxygen permeable which makes it much safer for your eyes in the long run, in comparison to the older versions of the contact lens.

  1. Gas Permeable contact lenses

Another good option thanks to the modern invention is GP contact lenses or Gas Permeable contact lenses. These contacts are much smaller in diameter than any other contact lens, hence it covers a lesser area of the Cornea.

Additionally, these GP contacts move around in your eye significantly as you blink, which allows fresh tears and oxygen to reach the area under the lens. These two vital factors are what truly reduce the risk of any eye problems due to contact lenses by those who wear GP lenses.

  1. Follow the schedule for replacement of contact lenses

It is very important and vital to the safety of your eyes that you follow the schedule for replacement of contact lenses. You should completely avoid over wearing any contact lens and should also make sure to replace and/or discard them as you have been directed by your eye doctor.

Even if you are super careful with your lenses and have done as directed, deposits will continue to build upon your contact as time passes by. The longer between replacements of contact lenses, the higher the potential the deposits on these lenses have in damaging your eyes.