Procedure to transfer a dependent iqama (Father to Mother)

In cases where Father and Mother both are working in Saudi Arabia and have a working iqama, dependent iqama transfer from one to another is possible. In this article, we have explained in detail the Procedure for dependent iqama transfer (Father to Mother).

For example, if children are under the sponsorship of father and due to some reasons he is going to back to his country on a final exit and will rejoin his family later on a new visa, it is better to transfer dependents iqama to mother and move alone.

Why do we need to transfer dependent Iqama?

According to Saudi Residency Law, if the final exit of the sponsor is processed, all his or her dependents also need to travel with him on a final exit. It is important to mention here that the procedure to transfer sponsorship from father to mother and mother to father is same.

Procedure for dependent iqama transfer

Letter from the sponsor of the Mother

First of all, you need to get a letter from the employer or sponsor of the mother stating that they do not have any problem in transferring the sponsorship of children under her Iqama. This letter needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. Recommended: Important Points about Attestation from Chamber of Commerce

Letter from the Father

Now Father needs to write a letter in Arabic requesting that he wants to transfer children’s sponsorship to the mother. Government Relations Officer of your company can help you in this regard.

You can also visit Jawazat and ask one of those agents sitting in front of the main gate to write this letter on your behalf. They will charge a little fee and do the needful for you.

Fill the form to transfer dependent iqama

You also need to fill a form for the transfer of dependent’s sponsorship. Same agents will help you out in filling out this form. He will further guide you on where to go. You need to go to the manager first who will check your Iqama, sign the documents and stamp them. (In Dammam he sits on the upper floor)

  • Now you need to submit these documents to another window who will give you a follow-up number. (On the ground floor in Dammam Jawazat)
  • After that, your documents will be sent to Riyadh for the approval. Once approved, you will get a call from Jawazat.
  • At this time, you will have to pay a fee to transfer dependents iqama and get new iqamas.