A Perfume to counter Magic Spells is available in Saudi Arabia

A perfume to protect you against any black magic or evil eye

An announcement has been made by a perfumery and herbal shop which is promoting a unique spray. This unique spray is now being promoted which will supposedly be used in the purification of the air from envy and magic inside the offices and houses.

The shop in question, which has now become famous amongst the Saudi women for the products which will supposedly cure magic, envy and the other disorders of life, is selling items or products which vary from water for washing and drinking to creams, oils, herbs and also pills which have been developed to eradicate all of the diseases as well as the spiritual illnesses.

What are the ingredients of the perfume?

They claim that their spray contains black and white musk, rose water and ZamZam water. The salesman added that a renowned sheik had read some prayers on this particular mixture. The prayers have been aimed at treating those who are complaining of obsession, depression, and distress.

Speaking of the various other products to treat the various different illnesses, the salesman at the perfumery stated that they have something that they call the Sheikh’s salt which is used for bathing and also Tablinah which is consisting of grounded barley, milk, honey and has been prayed over by a sheik and has been described as being used to expel sadness from the user.

2891 Perfume to counter Magic Spells is now available in Saudi Market

What is the opinion of Senior Scholars about this perfume?

A member of the Council of Senior Scholars, Dr. Qais Al Mubarak has commented on making a living by selling the Ruqyah products. I personally have never heard of a perfume which is capable of warding off evil intentions, bad luck or the similar. Though there have been countless occasions where prayers have done a similar task successfully.

Ruqyah has already been mentioned in the Quran several times, which is basically reading the verses of the Holy Book on to the person who is in need of such a treatment.

The miracles of ZamZam water

ZamZam water is also capable of curing countless illnesses and diseases; hence I think the addition of ZamZam water, as well as prayers, are what offer cure or improvement in health for those who use such products. Recommended: 10 unbelievable facts about ZamZam water

There are several men and women who swear by these products, however, there are also those who are highly skeptical of these products and do not believe that any products such as perfumes or sprays can cure depression, black magic, ailments or any other problems.

Source: Arab News

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