5 Conditions under which you can demand a loaner car from your dealer in Saudi Arabia

A loaner car is that car which is given to you by your car dealer to use, in place of your own car, while your car has gone for repairs and it will take a long time for the dealership to fix it. Some of the car dealers would give such loaner cars to a certain type of customers just in order to keep them happy and satisfied and to keep to the inconvenience caused to them at an absolute minimum. Under the new laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, your car dealer is now compelled to offer you a loaner car or a temporary car; however, there are certain conditions which must be fulfilled. There are a total of five circumstances under which you can rightfully demand a temporary or loaner car from your car dealer;[irp]

1-If your car dealer has failed to deliver your car to you within the time frame which had been agreed upon between them and the customer.

2-If your dealer has failed to provide those car parts which are changed frequently, on an immediate basis. If the car dealer has failed in providing you with certain rare car parts within 14 days of the request being made, then he is also liable to provide the customer with a loaner car.

3-If the car bought from the dealership has now become useless, due to any defect that has been covered by the warranty of the vehicle.

4-If the car dealer has failed to meet the agreed upon deadline to finish both irregular and regular maintenance on the customer's own vehicle.

5-If a car dealer has failed in providing an estimate of the delivery time as well as the total cost for a car within a total time period of 1 hour after arriving at the car dealership.

It is also worth noting that the temporary or loaner car must also be from the same segment as the original car. If the car dealer is not able to offer the customer or client a vehicle, then the car dealer is liable to pay a penalty of the car price / 400 each and every day of the delay and right up till they can provide you with a temporary or loaner car. 

It should be noted that any customer of any car dealership cannot legally demand a loaner car or temporary car when the car dealership is doing regular maintenance on the car or repairing the car after an accident. The car dealership is also not legally liable to provide the customer with a temporary or loaner car if there is any delay from the insurance company of the customer.[irp]

I believe that this information is incredibly useful to the countless motorists and car owners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is an informative piece which can be especially useful if any car owner is facing delays or problems with their car dealers and need to know their legal rights.

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