Saudi died after eating “Original Honey” bought from Open Market

He died after eating Honey

A man, aged 40, from the Al Shamli region which is located around 180 kilometers to the southwest of Hail died after he consumed a mixture of blended herbs and honey which he had bought from a street vendor, in order to treat his chronic cough.

After the man had consumed the honey, he lost consciousness and was immediately rushed to the hospital in Al Shamli, and from there to the Hail General Hospital where the medical professionals pronounced him dead shortly after.

The Saudi was a very healthy man

Fadel Al Khamshi stated that his relative was in quite good health generally; however, he only suffered from a bit of a cough. His health started deteriorating very quickly upon consumption of the honey mixture.

He added that the family of the deceased has filed a proper legal complaint with the Al Shamli police against the two Arab workers who had sold Saqer Muaid the fatal honey concoction.

He also noted that both of the Arab men who had sold the deadly honey were previously working in the construction business. Both the suspected men have been detained by the Al Shamli police.

The two children of the deceased man, whose ages are 6 and 8, also ate some of the honey which their father had bought. The two children suffered severe stomach pains and aches which caused them to be hospitalized for three days.

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Investigation is underway

A highly informed source at the Al Shamli Municipality has stated that a committee from the department of health has been formed in order to investigate the death of this man due to the honey concoction. The source also added that the municipality has only permitted the sale of those mixtures, remedies and other herbal concoctions only if they have been approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Sami Saeed, who is a specialist in family medicine stated that there are several patients who are totally unaware of the gravity and seriousness which is associated with the use of such unlicensed and unapproved alternative medicine mixes as well as herbal concoctions and extracts which can even lead to further health problems rather than cure them, or can even kill.

Lesson from the Story

This serves as a grim reminder to all those who think that they can beat their illness or condition through a short cut by using such herbal medicines and concoctions which have not been approved by the authorities in their respective cities or countries.

Many times these unlicensed products do not have ingredients printed on them, which is pretty much like playing Russian roulette with medicine.

Source: Arab News