Eye Drops without Doctor’s Advice can cause blindness

Taking any pharmaceutical medicine without having complete knowledge about it, or not having a prescription from the doctor can be a serious health risk rather than being a cure for a health risk.

Similarly, using any eye drop without the prescription from the doctor can be extremely risky and can also cause serious harm such as blindness. A statement was made by a top ophthalmologist.

Many Eye Drops available in the market contain steroids

A huge number of people have been buying such eye drops without even consulting or going to a doctor. A number of these eye drops which are used by the patients contain steroids. Using the steroid-containing eye drops without consultation from the doctor can even cause blindness.

This statement was made by the ophthalmology consultant and director of the Public Relations of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society (SOS), Dr. Waseem Abdul Aziz Aalam.

He added that steroids can help in the reduction of Inflammation; however, it suppresses the immune system which in turn also increases over time, which can be extremely dangerous for the eyes.

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Repeating the same eye drop for the second time could be dangerous

Aalam also stated that another reason why it may be harmful is that the people continue to use the eye drops if they had gotten better by it the first time they used it.

He stated that it is a dangerous phenomenon as the long term use of the steroids can create pressure on the eyes, which can also be causing Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition where the optic nerve in the eye is damaged, which can cause blindness.

Glaucoma is known as being a silent killer of the optic nerve as the patient does not really feel anything in the beginning. He stated that eye allergies are a very common thing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The steroids in these eye drops are sometimes also used for the allergies, however, its continued use can be extremely harmful and not doing any betterment to the eyes.

The steroid-containing eye drops should not be used more than one month

These types of eye drops are containing steroids which should not be used for a time period which will be exceeding a month. Only the doctors and medical professionals have been allowed legally to prescribe it for a longer period of time in some unique or extraordinary cases.

Aalam has also warned against all eye drops used at the beauty parlors in order to reduce the redness of the eyes, after the application of makeup, stating that these eye drops will also damage the vessels if it is used in the long run.

Eye Checkup should be a regular practice

He had emphasized that all parents should be getting the eyes of their children checked and examined, before reaching the age of two years, after reaching the age of four years and also before entering school because prevention and early diagnosis is the best cure.

People from all around the world have been using various types of medicine without the proper authorization or a subscription from medical professionals or doctors. This can cause various health problems depending on what medicine you take.

Source: Arab News

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