Sri Lankan family died due to Mobile explosion caused by overcharging

Death is something which may strike at any time; however, there are certain things that we as humans have been trained to do which help us avoid possible death, such as driving our car in the wall for instance. People would say it is common knowledge; however, there is a common thing which we all do, and that is not applying common knowledge which could be lethal to not only you but your family too. The story we are about to share is of an unfortunate family in Sri Lanka.[irp]

The last call made by the uncle went out at 10.30 PM after which he put his mobile phone charger, and placed it on top of the microwave. The rest of the family had already gone to sleep. During the night, however, it seemed that the mobile phone over charged and by overcharging it got heated up which caused it to blow up. Since the whole house had been completely air sealed and centrally air conditioned, the chemical gas or the vapors which were coming out of the blown up mobile phone started to spread out all across the house while everyone remained fast asleep clueless as to what was happening.

They started inhaling the toxic fumes for a while and then slowly they started to suffocate, the uncle woke up and tried to open the windows. The entire house was without air at this point. The uncle could not take it anymore and realized that he was breathing his last; hence he decided to go and sit on a chair, on which he passed away shortly after. The younger girls, who were approximately 13 years of age, tried to come out of the house but fell down on the ground and passed away.

Nobody knew what had happened until the driver came at 6.30 AM in order to pick the girls up from school. He rang the doorbell and called them for an hour. After this, he realized something was wrong. He called up the relatives of the family and broke into the house. The first ones to enter the house where the relatives of the family living inside. They saw that the entire house was filled with a black cloud of the mist of sorts. Amidst the black clouds, the relative saw his uncle sitting on the chair, having already passed away. Following the uncle, he saw the little girls lying on the floor and they too had passed away. The same happened to the wife of the uncle as well.[irp]

It is truly sad to hear about the untimely demise of an entire family just because they did something which nearly all of us do every day and are currently doing it as we read this. This should serve as a cautionary tale to each and every one of us to not charge our phones over night or to also keep our homes air tight. A little ventilation is always good and can be a life saver in such a case.

Source: Facebook

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