8 Awesome Tips for New Mothers in Saudi Arabia

Here are a few pointers and tips for all the new mothers, and mothers of newborns in the KSA.[irp]

1-Firstly, what you are going to get in a large dose, apart from the euphoria of raising your child, is a lot of unwanted advice. It can come to you from a huge variety of sources, such as family, friends, domestic helpers. You should hear all the advice but only listen to your pediatrician.

2-Speaking about the pediatrician: This one specific person is going to be assuming a guidance light sort of presence in your life for at least the first few years. So get familiarized with them.

3-It is beneficial for you to have a friendly relationship with your pediatrician and other staff as they will be told every little thing to you about your child. Literally about every poop, every tear, every drop of sweat.

4-Seeing that you will also be discussing other issues related to mother hood and feeding your child to the doctor, you need to realize that you will need to be completely open and honest with them, and not hide any oddities or any other sorts of facts.

5-You may want to get your husband involved with the proceedings with the doctors as well as other health related issues, as he will need to be informed completely about your health.

6-You personally may not be able to fulfill some of your duties and responsibilities as a husband. If you have delivered your child through the conventional method, you will be needing to properly sanitize and clean the area properly. However, it is not to be worried as in little to no time, you will become 100 percent fit and will be able to do anything you want. Those who opt for the unconventional method such as C section may feel differently about their bodies, along with the sleep deprivation and of course, the various changes in hormones means that some of the marital duties are out of the question.

7-You may wake up one day and find that you are having similar contractions such as which you felt during your delivery or close to your delivery. This may make you feel like you left a baby behind in there, however it is not a left behind baby but is your uterus shrinking back to its original size. After enduring it for around an hour, it will usually subside, or you can ask your gynecologist for a pill.

8-New mothers may also menstruate continuously for a month to six weeks, so it is better to remain prepared for the uneasiness and the pain, prior to them occurring.

Lastly, if you have read this article all the way down to the last point, it can be obviously stated that you are listening to all of the unsolicited advice that I have just given you. So choose carefully what advice you listen to.

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