Procedure to pay STC Bill online using Internet Banking

With the introduction of SADAD system of payment in Saudi Arabia, it has become very easy to pay any kind of bills online using internet banking or from ATM Machines. You just need to add the bill to your account once and later on you can pay it every month with just a few clicks. In this article, we shall be describing in detail the procedure to add an STC Bill to your Internet Banking Account and later on pay it. We are using the Internet Banking of Al Rajhi Bank but the procedure is more or less same with every bank.

First of all, login to your Internet Banking Account. Locate the icon of “payments” and click on the “Bills” icon. A new screen will appear containing all the bills which have already been added to your Internet Banking Account. In the current screenshot, there is only one bill of Electricity already registered. Click on “Add New Bills” to add a bill to your internet banking account.[irp]

A new screen will be opened where you have to select the broad category of the bill and also a service provider. In the case of STC Bill, you need to select “Telecom and Internet” in the broad category and “STC” as Utility Service Provider. You also have to write your Subscriber Number here. You can contact STC to know about it.

Next page is just a confirmation of the STC bill you want to add to your account. If you know the unpaid amount of your bill, you can easily identify it is your bill. You will have to activate this bill before making payment. The system might send you a confirmation code to your mobile phone to confirm authorization of activation of the bill. Now you are all set to pay this bill.[irp]

Now go back to home page, go to “Payments” and click on the “Bills” icon. The bill which has been added to your account will be showing here. Select the bill and pay selected bill. A new screen will ask you to confirm if you want to pay the bill. Once it is confirmed, the amount of bill will be deducted from your account.

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