Procedure to get married in the Philippines Embassy, Riyadh

If you are from the Philippines and want to get married in Riyadh, read on to find everything you will need. Firstly, gather the documents from your partner and then your documents too.

You can have this done when and if you visit the Philippines before your marriage. If you are not planning on going back home, then read on.

Some of the documents which you need can only be obtained from the Philippines hence a relative or a friend will have to be requested to send them to you. You will be needing the following; Also Read: Benefits of marrying a Filipino Girl for a Saudi Resident

Original Birth Certificate from the NSO, which has been authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila (with the official red ribbon)

For the OFWs, it can be requested to attain the NSO certified birth certificate through the e census.

CENOMAR from the NSO or the Original Certificate of No Marriage which is to be issued at least 6 months prior to the date of submission to the Philippines Embassy, which is to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Similarly, as the birth certificate, the CENOMAR can also be requested through the e census

In order to contract parties between the ages of 18 to 21 years, parental consent is required which is authenticated and notarized by the DFA (WITH THE RED RIBBON)

In order to contract parties between the ages of 21 and 25, parental advice is required and the same notarization and authentication by the DFA (with the red ribbon)

For a widow or widower, the NSO issued Marriage Contract along with the NSO issued Death Certificate which is to be authenticated by the DFA (WITH THE RED RIBBON).

For contracting any party with an annulled marriage, a NSO issued Amended Marriage Contract is needed which is authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (with the red ribbon) along with the Certificate of Finality of Decision and the Court order which is to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (with the red ribbon).

  • Copies of passports of each party (only the data page)
  • 2×2 inch sized photos, 2 per party.
  • Application forms for your marriage which can be downloaded from the website of the Philippines Embassy.

Once you have completed and gathered all of the documents then you and your partner will now have to visit the embassy together and submit your documents at counter number 4 in the Consular Section. Next, you have to pay the fees, which are;

  • Application for Marriage License – SAR 100
  • Joint Affidavit – SAR 100
  • Marriage Solemnization – SAR 240

After this payment has been made, return to the counter and submit your receipt, then go home. Keep checking the Marriage Applications page at the Philippines Embassy website and check if your notice has been posted.

After 10 days of the public notice, you can arrange or schedule your wedding by emailing at [email protected] or by calling +966-11-482-3816.

Source: The Pink Tarha