A Tour to “The World Sights Park” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Location of the World Sights Park: Recently my Facebook was swamped with people visiting some place which had nearly all of the famous landmarks from all around the world, right here in the Kingdom. Albeit the landmarks were scaled down replicas, it still was fascinating to think what place had all of these. One of my friends told me that this place was not only in Saudi but extremely close by. This place was in fact located at the Eastern Ring Road at the Exit no. 10. Nasir Al Raijhi, Al Mughriza which is opposite to the Philippines Star City counterpart in this part of the world. For all single people, the place is open only Tuesdays from 4 pm onwards, while the rest of the days are for families only.

Entrance Fee to the World Sights Park: I had already made up my mind that I would go visit this place even if I had to wait till Tuesday. I invited some of my friends to go with me. We looked at our schedules and then decided to head over to this undiscovered place next week. Upon arrival, the gatekeeper charged us each SAR 10 which was definitely not a burden on anybody’s wallet.

Upon arrival, the first landscape that we were greeted with was the ever beautiful and iconic Eiffel Tower.[irp]

When we were done admiring the Eiffel Tower we made our way to the Roman Coliseum which was only a few meters away from the Eiffel Tower.[irp]

Soon after that, we felt the leaning tower of Pisa looking down upon us in all its glory and highly uncommon structure.[irp]

We then made our way on to the Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is originally located in Turkey with the minarets having crescents and moons on them.[irp]

Walking through what seemed like Turkey, we suddenly encountered the tall and beautiful Big Ben which is located in England at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster. Needless to say, we took pictures in front of the Big Ben which is the first thing tourists do in the UK.[irp]

Making our way forward we shortly encountered the great Pyramids of Egypt, which was a perfect contrast to the city landscape of the UK which we had just crossed.[irp]

As we progressed from city life into more historical sites, we also made our way to the Dome of the Rock which is the oldest building in Islamic History and currently located in Jerusalem, Israeli Occupied Palestine.[irp]

Next up we say the Al Aqsa Mosque, which had stood close to it the uniquely designed Faisal Mosque which is located in Pakistan. The uniqueness of this mosque is that there are no domes, but instead it is shaped in the form of a Bedouin tent.[irp]

As we were admiring the Islamic sites, we came across a small wall which we thought was another Islamic site. It turned out that it was the Great Wall of China, which didn’t look as imposing due to the replica being largely scaled down.[irp]

We made our way back towards the city landscape and the first thing we encountered was the Petronas tower which is located in Malaysia. It used to be the tallest building in the world prior to the building of the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai.[irp]

We concluded the tour by visiting the Historical City located in Petra, Jordan and also the Windmills of Netherland, both of which looked absolutely amazing. The last stop we made was the area which included the national landmarks of the Kingdom.

Source: Yobynos

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