7 Reasons Saudis want to quit Private Sector Jobs

The Civil Services Minister stated that he had noted that upwards of 190,000 Saudis are currently working in the private sector yet they have applied for government jobs.

The Civil Services Minister believes that the young women and men prefer the government jobs regardless of whether it pays less in comparison to the private sector.

There are however some reasons behind this, the major one being job security, more vacations and fewer working hours.

01-Job Security in the Private Sector

It is indeed a huge problem when a Saudi does not feel stable or safe in his job, which she or he may be fearing to lose any time for any reason whatsoever regardless of how trivial it might be.

02-No Clear Cut Rules

There are no clear cut rules in the private sector which would or could protect the Saudi employees against summary dismissal or retrenchment without giving any previous warnings or even a legitimate justification.

Any Saudi working in the private sector may lose his or her job even though the establishment or the private company may not need to reduce their number of employees.

03-Working Hours

It is quite clear from the words of the Minister that the local Saudi population prefers the government jobs due to the fewer working hours. This statement has directly or indirectly implicated that the Saudi nationals are a lazy bunch, which is far from the truth.

The young Saudi women and men are ambitious, active, love their work and work hard at it. They are however unwilling to put in the extra hours of work, that too without compensation. In fact, this is what happens in many private establishments and companies.

They force their employees to work extra hours for free. The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia should be harnessing the companies which make their employees work overtime without paying them the benefits which come with working overtime.

04-Private Companies dominated by certain nationalities

Those companies which are dominated by certain nationalities are often the ones which directly or indirectly make the Saudi workers run away due to the heavy workload burden placed upon them.

These companies force Saudi employees to do the majority of the work. They also closely monitor the performance and look for any mistake to hold them accountable and fire them.

05-Deduction of Salary

These types of companies are looking for any reason to deduct the salaries of their employees, believing that their employees are being overpaid.

06-Low Job Evaluation Score

Some companies even hold back the annual bonus of the employees by giving them a low job evaluation score on purpose.

07-Non-Conductive Working Environment

The main reason, by my understanding, behind Saudis leaving the private sector, is a non-conductive working environment. If a conductive working environment is in place, the Saudis will never leave such a well-paying job.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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