4 Adventures of being a ‘DAD’ in Saudi Arabia

If you are to ask my wife, the first thing she will tell you about me that it is my life purpose to be a dad. Not that I have any disagreement with it, however, it is not something which had ever occurred to me before.

Many books have been written on motherhood, their sacrifices and their love for the children but nobody talks about fathers. We love our children too! We also work hard for them.

Let us talk about what fatherhood means to you as an individual, share the lessons that you have learned and any tips and tricks to being the best Dad possible for our kids.

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1-Nobody prepares us to be a “DAD” one day

Firstly I have come to realize that when we men are single or do not have children, we know absolutely zilch about what it takes to be a parent. Nobody really prepares us for the huge sense of responsibility which comes over us as soon as we first see our children.

When the little one shows up some of us usually have an overwhelming desire to escape because we realize now that we can never escape again. We will forever be connected or tied to this new entity, this new being.

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2-The beauty of those tiny eyes looking into your eyes

However here is the flip side to that. The first time ever that the little one looks at your face, squinting as if they are trying really hard to process something in their teeny tiny brains and all of a sudden they smile because they recognize your voice as their Dad.

That is one feeling you cannot buy regardless of how much money you have.

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3-There is nothing more enjoyable than playing with your child

You suddenly realize that there is nowhere else in the world that you would ever want to be rather than with your child, playing with the child or simply just watching them as they try really hard to make sense of this new foreign land that they have just been born into.

The feeling is that of neat euphoria, which proves the point that Unconditional love truly is the best drug in the world.

2826 4 Adventures of being a ‘DAD’ in Saudi Arabia

4-DAD Jokes

By the way, what most non-fathers do not understand or rather realize about being a father is that there is one extreme plus point to becoming a father. You want to know what it is. It is Dad jokes.

Yes, I am not joking or making a really lame Dad joke. Dads have a complete unadulterated unscripted clearance to say the absolutely stupidest, silliest and some of the corniest puns and jokes which you will ever come across.

Source: Destination KSA