5 awkward condom moments everyone should try to avoid

Wearing a condom is known to help prevent against sexually transmitted diseases as well as preventing any unwanted pregnancies. In short, it is one message of sexual health, which nobody claims to have missed.  There are however a few errors men make while wearing these condoms;[irp]

1-Wearing it inside out: Generally, it is very difficult to do so, because a condom is harder to roll out in one direction rather than the other. Hence any person using this is to put it on one way only. However, there are still numerous men who still wear it inside out despite the immense struggle it may cause them. If you are using any condom which does not contain spermicide, then putting it on may not be the end of the world for the user; however, those condoms with spermicide cannot be worn inside out, because the spermicide is there to stop the sperm from moving around.

2-Those individuals who want to be a tad bit extra careful, they can put on two condoms. However logically, those who wear 2 condoms are not much safer than those who were only 1. Two condoms or double bagging can cause an extremely tight fit. If it is indeed too tight, then you might not feel anything. Additionally, the friction created by condom on condom action might cause one or both to rip apart, rendering them useless.

3-Several men usually wait for a little while before putting on a condom. Some wait for the foreplay to be completed before putting it on. Though it can be a perfectly acceptable tactic, if your foreplay includes any penetration or any skin to skin contact, it can very well cause an STD or pregnancy. Any man's pre ejaculate can also be full of sperm. Hence it is not a great idea to wait too long before putting on the rubber.

4-After the sexual intercourse, several partners continue to snuggle, cuddle or just lie in their arms. However, it is advised that before you do this, the man should take off and dispose of the condom properly. If it is left on for too long, the ejaculate is at the risk of hardening. The ejaculate can also end up plugging or blocking the urethra of the penis. This basically means that any leftover sperm could very well get mixed up with the pre ejaculate, which in turn could potentially impregnate a female during the foreplay, whenever it happens next.

5-Any man should never use any expired condoms. Dr. Turek, an expert on the matter has claimed that the effectiveness of an expired condom in preventing sexually transmitted disease as well as preventing pregnancy cannot be guaranteed. If any condom has expired, then the latex or rubber material can dry out, which may in turn cause it to develop holes and cracks in the condom itself, which then again renders it useless for the purpose which it was created for.


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