8 Signs to show you are not drinking enough water

Proper water intake is very important to keep a person fresh and healthy. In case water intake is not proper, it may cause several health and beauty issues. There are several indicators in a human body which tell that you are not drinking enough water.

Some major indicators which should be kept under the track in order to check out whether water intake is proper or not are;


In a case, headache is constant and starts mildly and moves to the severe intensity it is a clear indicator that water level is not balanced in the body of a person.

A constant headache is a kind of indicator or alarm by the body that you are not drinking enough water and the water intake needs to be improved.

2788 8 Signs to show you are not drinking enough water 01

02-Decolorized urine

In case urine color is dark yellow or even worse, it tells that water level is not properly managed in the body of a person. It also indicates dehydration due to loss of water reserves in the body which keeps the functioning of organs regulated and smooth.


It is an indicator that the required water need is not fulfilled in the body and you have to intake more and more water. It also indicates dehydration in the body which may be due to any kind of medication or overdose of sleep. You should take more water in case you feel dizzy in daily routine.


Sometimes we feel that we need to eat something but, in reality, it is not hunger, it is thirst. Low water intake boosts up hunger and people eat more and more. Due to overeating obesity and other issues occur. If water is taken before trying a pack of snack, the capacity to eat automatically lessens down.

05-Fast heartbeat

Oxygen is an essential element in order to regulate heartbeat in the body by keeping all organs smooth. Water is a rich source of oxygen. In case you have a very fast heartbeat, maybe it is an indicator that you have taken a low quantity of water than actually required.

2788 8 Signs to show you are not drinking enough water

06-Dry mouth

If you feel constant dryness inside your mouth, you are probably not drinking enough water. Wherever you go, you should take your water bottle with you in order to avoid such kind of situation.

There may be some other reasons for dryness of mouth such as high potency medication. If you still feel dryness after drinking plenty of water, don’t worry about it, concentrate on your water intake.


If you feel thirsty, it does not need any further indicator or surety that you have taken less quantity of water and need more. Try to drink more and more water to feel active and energetic as water is a rich source of fitness and freshness.

08-Overdose of sleep

Feeling sleepy or dizzy is one of the important and clear indicators that you are not drinking enough water. Low water intake causes lethargy and sleepiness and slows down your body.

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